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Is there snowfall in Chintpurni?

Is there snowfall in Chintpurni?

In general, temperature in Chintpurni is about 5 degrees lower than in the Punjab and Haryana plains and in Delhi. The average annual rainfall is 2587 mm. In 2012,it had a chilling winter as there was a snowfall, reported after a period of 52 years, leading to road jams.

How can I reach Chintpurni?

One can take a taxi from the airport to reach the final destination. The nearest railway stations is Amb Andaura, which is about 20 km from the Chintpurni temple. Other railway station, which is close too, is at Una which is 55km away from Chintpurni. Taxis and buses are available at the station.

Who is the main deity Worshipped in the Chintpurni temple in Himachal Pradesh?

The Chintpurni fair, locally known as ‘Mata Da Mela'(fair of the mother Goddess) is held in village Chintpurni on a spur of the hill range of the same name, about 3 kms. to the west of Bharwain.

Which is the famous temple in Himachal Pradesh?

1. Sankat Mochan Temple. Sankat Mochan Temple in Himachal Pradesh is located on the Kalka-Shimla Highway and is one of the most popular temples in Himachal and in Shimla. Sankat Mochan is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and thousands of people from India visit this temple to offer their prayers.

Which is the largest district of HP?

Lahaul and Spiti
Lahaul and Spiti, with an area of 13,835 sq. km. is the largest district. It contains 24.85 per cent of the state’s area followed by Chamba with 11.72 per cent (Table 1.2).

What is the Speciality of Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal is well known for its handicrafts. The carpets, leather works, shawls, paintings, metalware and woodwork are worth appreciating. Pashmina shawl is one of the products which is highly in demand not only in Himachal but all over the country. Himachali caps are also famous art work of its people.