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Is there a roadhouse 2 movie?

Is there a roadhouse 2 movie?

Road House 2 is a 2006 American direct-to-video action film directed by Scott Ziehl. It is the sequel to 1989’s Road House. Johnathon Schaech stars as a bouncer who must protect a Louisiana bar from criminals.

Is Roadhouse 2 on Amazon Prime?

Watch Road House 2 | Prime Video.

When did Road House 2 come out?

July 18, 2006
Road House 2: Last Call/Initial release

Is Road House based on a true story?

TIL “Road House” is loosely based on the true story of the killing of town bully Ken McElroy whose murder in front of ~40 people never went to trial.

Who is Patrick Swayze’s girlfriend in Roadhouse?

Kelly Ann Lynch
Kelly Lynch. Golden Valley, Minnesota, U.S. Kelly Ann Lynch (born January 31, 1959) is an American actress and model. Her notable film roles include Cocktail, Road House, Drugstore Cowboy, and Curly Sue.

Who is Julie Michaels married to?

Peewee Piemontem. 1993
Julie Michaels/Spouse

Is there a sequel to Road House 2?

Fans of the original “Road House” may argue the merits of any sequel, but RH 2 is a worthy successor to the Eighties cult favorite.

Who is the actor in Road House 2?

Johnathan Schaech (The Sweetest Thing, 8MM2) stars in this action-packed sequel to the classic action film, Road House.

Where did the movie Road House take place?

Remake of the 1989 film ‘Road House’ about a bouncer at a rowdy bar. While he’s deep undercover in New York, DEA agent Shane Tanner, the son of a legendary cooler named Dalton, learns that his uncle Nate Tanner got beat up by a group of men because he doesn’t want to sell the Black Pelican, his bar in Tyree, Louisiana.

What happens at the end of Road House 2?

A night club owner becomes infatuated with a torch singer and frames his best friend/manager for embezzlement when the chanteuse falls in love with him. An ex-rock and roll star teams up with a naive young man to set things right in a small town where the local thugs rule unchallenged.

Did they remake Roadhouse?

The Notebook director Nick Cassavetes has been tapped to write and helm Road House, MGM’s remake of the 1980s film that is being fashioned as a vehicle for MMA champion Ronda Rousey. The 1989 original starred Patrick Swayze as a New York City bouncer who takes over security at a small rural bar.

What happened to Kelly Lynch?

Lynch was severely injured when she was hit head-on on a Minnesota freeway, shattering her femurs and thigh bones. The doctors wanted to amputate both her legs, threatening that she would “get gangrene and die” otherwise.

Why is roadhouse called Roadhouse?

20. Road House has been a running gag on both Mystery Science Theater 3000, where it was Crow’s favorite movie, and in Family Guy, where Peter punctuates every fight by name-checking the film. Not to be outdone, teammates of Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback Andy Dalton call him “Road House” thanks to his surname.

Who is married to Kelly Lynch?

Mitch Glazerm. 1992
Kelly Lynch/Spouse

Lynch has been married to producer and writer Mitch Glazer since 1992 and has a daughter, Shane, born in 1985, from a previous relationship.

What are the 3 simple rules from Roadhouse?

Dalton: All you have to do is follow three simple rules. One, never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected. Two, take it outside.

Who is the blonde in Road House?

Julie Michaels ( born 20 July 1970) is an actress, stunt double, and co-ordinator. She is famous for her role opposite Patrick Swayze in the film “Roadhouse” (1989), as Tammy Whitmar in the action film “A Time to Revenge” (1997) and as Naren Anie in the action-adventure film “The Legend of Nethiah” (2012).

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A small subplot involves Shane still looking for the murderer who killed his father, the legendary Dalton, many years ago when Shane arrived home from work (Shane was a rookie Louisiana state trooper). After Dalton’s murder, Shane left town and joined the DEA as a field agent.

What kind of movie is Road House 2?

Roadhouse 2 has all the shades of a fine entertaining action movie; action, martial arts, comedy, and many references to the first Roadhouse. I will label this movie as a well-done ‘campy’ action movie.