Is the step test valid?

Is the step test valid?

Conclusions: Six-minute step test is a reliable and valid test. Moreover, the number of steps may be predicted by demographic and anthropometric variables with moderate strength of prediction.

What is a YMCA step test?

The YMCA Step Test is a useful and easily administered assessment for measuring your cardiovascular (aerobic) fitness level. This assessment is based on your heart-rate recovery, or how fast your heart rate returns to baseline after exercise.

How do you calculate VO2 max from YMCA step test?

Results: The prediction equations developed based on multiple regression analyses for each submaximal tests were as follows: 3MST20: VO2max = 86.0 − 10.9 × sex (male = 1, female = 2) − 0.4 × age − 0.1 × weight − 0.1 × heart rate recovery at 30 s (HRR30s); 3MST30: VO2max = 84.5 − 10.2 × sex (male = 1, female = 2) − 0.4 …

Is Cpet expensive?

CPET is expensive as it requires highly trained staff, specialist facilities and equipment such as a stationary exercise bike or a treadmill as well as ECG and oxygen uptake monitoring systems.

What is the purpose of 3 minute step?

The Step Test is designed to measure a person’s aerobic fitness. Participants step up and down, on and off an aerobics- type step for THREE minutes to increase heart rate and to evaluate the heart’s recovery rate during the minute immediately following the step test exercise.

What is a 3 minute step test?

Is the YMCA 3 minute step test valid?

All subjects completed a YMCA 3-minute step test (YMCA 3MST) and a maximal exercise treadmill test to predict VO2max and VO2max measures, respectively.

Is the YMCA submaximal cycle test reliable?

Validity and reliability of the YMCA submaximal cycle test using an electrically braked ergometer This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 License. Purpose: To test the effect of using an electrically braked ergometer on the validity and reliability of the YMCA submaximal cycle test.

Is there a bench test at the YMCA?

Testing for cardiovascular fitness can be costly, time consuming, and also require elaborate equipment. Luckily there is an easy Do-It-Yourself assessment that can easily be completed at home. The YMCA 3-minute Bench Step Test is based on how quickly your heart rate recovers following a short bout of exercise.

Are there any studies on the validity of STEP tests?

However, no studies have attempted to synthesize the existing knowledge regarding the validity of the multiple step-test protocols available to estimate VO2max in the healthy adult population.