Is the Sony FS700 a 4K camera?

Is the Sony FS700 a 4K camera?

When Sony first announced the FS700, they somewhat cryptically stated that there would be a 4K upgrade path to this formerly 1080p-only camera.

What do you need to know about Ki Pro quad?

Ki Pro Quad serves as a central gathering point for the main needs of 4K production; capture efficient, edit friendly 4K Apple ProRes files with pristine image quality and output to 4K and HD monitors with real time down conversion simultaneously.

Is there a 4K raw update for the FS700?

Convergent Design recently announced an update to their much more affordable Odyssey 7Q that gives 4K RAW and ProRes to the FS700 (along with ProRes to any other camera). Here is Andy Shipsides from AbelCine with a walkthrough of these new features: Some samples showing just how much better quality is on the FS700 with the 4K RAW update:

Can a Ki Pro quad record 4K video?

Work on HD and 2K resolution projects now with full 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 quality and switch Ki Pro Quad to record 4K any time the need arises. Ki Pro Quad covers your portable recording and playback needs today and into the future.

While the FS700 currently captures 1080p footage in-camera on Memory Stick, SD, or Sony’s flash memory unit, a future firmware update and a recording device to be released by Sony will allow capture of 4K resolution video using the 3G HD-SDI connector.

Is the nex-fs700r a full HD camcorder?

NEX-FS700R Full-HD Super Slow Motion NXCAM Camcorder is a new multi-purpose camcorder offering exceptional image quality ready to maximize your creative potential as a producer. Sony’s NEX-FS700R is an interchangeable lens camcorder capable of capturing super slow motion images in Full HD at 240fps.

Is there a mic on the Sony FS700?

The FS700 has no built-in mic, instead Sony’s ECM-XM1 microphone and a dual-shock absorbing microphone mount are included, which are easily attached to one of the accessory shoes on the handle.

What should trigger be set on Sony FS700?

If light levels are low, the FS700 can add up to 30dB of gain to brighten the image, but using anything beyond 18dB will introduce quite a bit of noise. The trigger that captures slow-motion can be set to 4.5 or nine seconds preceding pressing record or the nine seconds after pressing record.