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Is the Nokia C5 Endi a good phone?

Is the Nokia C5 Endi a good phone?

The Nokia C5 Endi offers Cricket customers solid performance and all-day battery life at an affordable price. PCMag editors select and review products independently. If you buy through affiliate links, we may earn commissions, which help support our testing.

Is the speaker on the Nokia C5 good?

The speaker is the loudest speaker I’ve ever heard on a phone also which is a nice problem to have. Just turn it down. Only thing I don’t know about is the cameras cause I don’t use them. Phone works perfectly well.

What’s the price of a Nokia C5?

Hoping to continue this heritage is the C5, a simple candybar handset available for under £150. Despite a change of naming scheme, from the four-digit model numbers of old, the C5 still looks and feels very much like a classic Nokia phone.

How long has the Nokia C5 been on Cricket Wireless?

I’ve only had the phone a week and I haven’t been able to accomplish jack squat and Cricket Wireless’s only go to solution is to sell me a BRAND NEW PHONE every single time.

Nokia C5 Endi Review 1 Design, Display, and Durability. The Nokia C5 Endi looks good for the price. 2 Network, Call, and Audio Quality. The Nokia C5 Endi is locked to Cricket and supports LTE bands 2/4/5/12/14/29/30/66 for solid coverage on AT’s network. 3 Performance. 4 Cameras. 5 Software. 6 Conclusions.

How big is the display on the Nokia C5?

Go big on binge-watching with the 6.5″ display. Pricing may vary between different retailers and depending on product specifications such as memory and storage. As an Amazon Associate, HMD Global earns from qualifying purchases.

Is the canon C5 Endi a good camera?

In good light, the C5 Endi’s primary and wide-angle sensors do an admirable job. In our test shots, both showed excellent depth of field and color accuracy, but there was a significant loss of background detail, and with the wide-angle lens, we noticed complex distortion in several photos.