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Is the M3 E36 engine good?

Is the M3 E36 engine good?

It is an awesome smooth engine (Balance of an inline six-what else) and will make you happy. Only downside is maybe fuel consumption. Even with the M50B20 you need way more than most 4 cylinder counterparts of 2.0l 4-or even 6 pots.

What is the best M3 model?

Poll: Which BMW M3 Is The Best Ever?

  1. E30 M3. The E30 was the car that started the M3 legend off.
  2. E36 M3. The E36 brought the M3 to the masses – which was no bad thing.
  3. E46 M3. The E46 – for some, the perfect recipe and the pinnacle of M3-dom.
  4. E92 M3. The E92 boasted a brutal V8 and mad tech aplenty.
  5. F82 M4.
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When did the BMW M52B28 engine come out?

The M52B28 was released in 1995 as a new engine for the E36 328i, E39 528i, and E38 728i models. The M52 engine series replaced the M50-series.

Can a BMW E36 M3 be used in the US?

American automotive regulations are quite different from that of Europe’s. As such, Americans had to miss out on decades worth of performance legends, like the European-spec BMW E36 M3 and the parts that made them ⁠—well, them. Now that time has passed, many enthusiasts are changing their US-spec parts to that of their European counterparts.

What kind of engine does a BMW M3 have?

The 1996–1999 E36 M3 in the United States and Canada is powered by the S52 engine, a higher performance version of the M52. The M52 and S52 engines were on the Ward’s 10 Best Engines list from 1997 to 2000.

What kind of engine block does BMW M52 have?

In most markets, the M52 switched from the M50 ‘s cast iron engine block to a lightweight aluminium engine block. However, in the United States and Canada, some cars (not including the Z3) retained the M50’s cast iron engine block, while other cars used the new aluminum M52 block with iron sleeves.