Is the Honda R18 a good engine?

Is the Honda R18 a good engine?

Registered. R18 is great engine. Good Fuel economy and ample power can be achieved by this engine. V-tec kicks in around 3500 rpm.

What Hondas have the R18 engine?

This engine was used in the European Honda Civic. R18Z1 – 141 hp (104 kW) at 6,500 rpm, 128 lb-ft (174 Nm) at 4,300 rpm. The engine has a 10.6:1 compression ratio. You can find this engine in the ninth generation Honda Civic.

Does R18 engine have vtec?

The lower vtec in the r18 is 1100 rpm the upper is 3500 rpm.

How much horsepower does a k20 have?


Engine Application Power
K20A (High Performance) 2007–2011 Honda Civic Type R (JDM) 221 hp (165 kW) @ 8000 RPM
K20A (Eco) 2000–2006 Honda Stream (JDM) (RN3, FWD) 154 hp (115 kW) @ 6500 RPM
2000–2006 Honda Stream (JDM) (RN4, AWD) 156 hp (116 kW) @ 6500 RPM
2001–2004 Honda CR-V (JDM) 150 hp (112 kW) @ 6500 RPM

What is R18 Civic?

R18 is just a simple way of referring to any DX/LX/LX-S/EX/EX-L model Civic, all of which are equipped with the Honda R18A1 engine.

What is FlashPro Civic Si?

The FlashPro allows full user tuning and datalogging of your Honda ECU. The Hondata FlashPro is a hardware and software combination that connects from your laptop’s USB port to your Honda’s diagnostic port. It enables you to tune your engine computer for: Intakes.

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