Is Silliman University Expensive?

Is Silliman University Expensive?

Although it’s expensive. About Silliman University: The ambiance in the university is that the students and the faculties are very friendly, helpful, and supportive. Even though it has a population of 9,000+, the campus is very wide and spacious and therefore it is not that crowded.

Does Silliman University have an entrance exam?

Silliman University is not administering an entrance examination. It will instead incorporate into its Senior High program a strong career guidance program. This career guidance program assists students in their choice of a career based on their competencies, skills and interests, while they are in Grades 11 and 12.

Does Silliman University offer scholarship?

To qualify for the scholarship, the grantee must meet the following requirements: An entering second year college student. Must have a Cumulative quality point average of at least 2.75 with no grade below 2.0. The joint annual income of parents preferably must not exceed two hundred fifty thousand pesos (P250,000.00).

Does Silliman University have uniforms?

Because there’s a no-uniform policy in Silliman University, students are able to wear anything they want. Since the university is dubbed as the campus by the sea, wearing OOTDs fit for the beach in the middle of September is never a bad thing.

How much is the tuition for mass communication?

In the United States, 391 colleges and universities are offering Mass Communication/Media Studies programs….What is Mass Communication/Media Studies program?

In-State Out-of-State
Undergraduate $8,291 $26,105
Graduate $10,602 $19,729

Does Silliman University have senior high school?

Senior High in Silliman University is among the first in the Philippines to have developed a comprehensive implementation framework. Its strength and quality are evidenced by Silliman being a training institution to public school teachers under the Department of Education.

How is Qpa Silliman University calculated?

The QPA is calculated by multiplying the number of credit hours assigned to each course by the quality points earned in the course and then dividing the total number of quality points by the total number of credit hours.

What is Silliman known for?

Silliiman has consistently topped Accountancy, Nursing and Physical Therapy board exams in the country. The College of Performing Arts has also produced great names in the history of music education. Silliman is also known as one of the best schools in Marine Biology, having its own marine laboratory to boot.

Do you have to go to school before going to Silliman?

Note: Students who have been previously enrolled in Silliman University do not need to fill out this form. If you have been previously enrolled in Silliman University Early Childhood School, Elementary School or Junior High School, please click here. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

How to apply for Nursing at Silliman University?

A. A prospective applicant writes a letter to the Dean of the College of Nursing indicating his/her desire to enroll in the graduate program. An initial conference may be requested by the applicant to explore the options within the program and to review his/her credentials.

What are the advantages of going to Silliman?

Silliman has a beautiful green campus, making it conducive to learning and building friendships. Silliman offers various facilities for research, culture and the arts, sports, and faith-nurture. Silliman students come from different parts of the Philippines and the world.