Is plastic gutter guard any good?

Is plastic gutter guard any good?

Plastic Gutter Guard: In fact, we would strongly discourage the use of some plastic gutter guards. Cheap guards made from plastic or nylon may be attractive due to their low price however they are ultimately a waste of money and your time. The inferior plastic lacks durability and effectiveness in the long run.

How long does plastic gutter guard last?

That said, plastic gutter guards can last for 5 to 10 years if the homeowner takes proper care and the home is not in an extreme climate. Homeowners who want to save money and want a gutter cover—rather than an insertable foam or brush guard—can look to plastic screens as a solution.

Do gutter bristles work?

In short, gutter brushes are very effective and well worth the consideration of anyone looking for easier home maintenance. Gutters require regular attention, and climbing up on a roof can be both hazardous and time-consuming.

Does Hedgehog Gutter Brush stop birds?

The new Hedgehog Anti Bird Brush can deter birds from perching, roosting or nesting on exterior surfaces around your home and garden – protecting against damage, nuisance and health risks.

How to choose the best gutter guards at Bunnings?

In this video, Luke from Bunnings Warehouse offers advice on how to choose the gutter guard best suited to your home. He reviews four different types of gutter guards including plastic, galvanised mesh and powder coated metal gutter guards as well as the hedgehog filter. Find out the best one to suit your roof and house location. Loading…

How to install fire resistant gutter guards at home?

Choosing and installing the right fire resistant gutter guards can help save your home in a bushfire. This video from Bunnings Warehouse take you through which gutter guards are best, how easy it is to install them and simple maintenance to keep your roof leaf free. Loading…

What’s the cheapest way to protect your gutter?

One of the cheapest solutions for protecting your gutter, a Foam Insert will cost you around $10 per metre and are another quick and easy guard to install. The Bunnings foam guards are fire retardant and are also UV stabilised which helps to ensure an extended lifespan.

How much does a Brush gutter guard cost?

Costing $15 a metre, the Brush Gutter Guard is one of the cheapest solutions available and is a well-rounded solution for many homes. Made from a durable and fire retardant material, they simply slot directly into your gutter and the bristles are designed to brush away leaves and debris.