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Is Norinco banned in the US?

Is Norinco banned in the US?

Norinco has been cloning and selling American designs on the international market for decades. In the United States, the company is banned because it tried to sell guns directly to gangs in the 1990s.

What handgun does the Chinese military use?

QSZ-92 handgun
The QCW-05 is issued to People’s Liberation Army and People’s Armed Police special operations forces, and is likely issued to military police units and vehicle crews guarding vital equipment, such as PLA Rocket Forces crews. The PLA’s standard pistol is the QSZ-92 handgun.

What is the Chinese service pistol?

The QSZ-92 semi-automatic pistol is currently in service with the Chinese Army. The QSZ-92 is a relatively new entry into the world market as sidearms go. The system was originally designed out of the “208 Research Institute” by one Liu Ming beginning in 1994.

What gun did China use in ww2?


Weapon Caliber Origin
Chiang Kai-Shek rifle Standardmodell Karabiner 98k 7.92×57mm China Germany
FN Model 1924 FN Model 1930 7.92×57mm Belgium China
ZB vz. 98/22 7.92×57mm Czechoslovakia
ZB vz. 24 7.92×57mm Czechoslovakia

How many guns do the Chinese military have?

As one of the largest ground forces in the world, China equips its infantry units with a bevy of small arms types. There are a total of [ 35 ] Modern Chinese Army Guns (2021) entries in the Military Factory.

What guns do China make?


  • QBZ-191 – 5.8 mm Assault rifle.
  • QTS-11 – 5.8 mm Objective Individual Combat Weapon (In Limited Service)
  • QBZ-03 – 5.8 mm Assault rifle.
  • QBZ-95 – 5.8 mm Bullpup Assault rifle.
  • Type 86 – 7.62 mm Bullpup Assault rifle (Not in Service)
  • Type 87 – 5.8 mm Assault rifle, using similar design to the Type 81 (Not in Service)

Where can I buy a Norinco np-34 9mm?

The pistol was purchased from the “Gun Dealer” in McAdam, NB for $374 + applicable taxes, although a quick verification of their website shows that as of 20 Aug 2013, their price is $399 + applicable taxes. As with most Norinco firearms, the NP-34 came in a cheaply made plastic case.

What kind of gun is the Norinco model 213?

One gun whose value has managed to keep steady is the old Norinco Model 213. The Model 213 is a copy of the Soviet TT-33 Tokarev pistol. The Soviet government brutally vanquished it’s enemies in the Russian Civil War and by 1929 the military was ready to reorganize and modernize their forces.

What kind of magazine does a Norinco 9x19mm have?

Norinco added a spacer in the magazine for the shorter 9x19mm cartridge. (Photo: Francis Borek) Another problem is the massive wrap around grips that Norinco thought would comfortably fit American hands.

Can a Norinco 9mm be used with a SIG Sauer?

The Norinco versions work exceptionally well and are completely inter-operable with their Sig-Sauer counterparts. If I had $1000 to go spend on a Sig….I wouldn’t.