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Is Nikkormat the same as Nikon?

Is Nikkormat the same as Nikon?

Nikkormat (Nikomat in Japan) was a brand of cameras produced by the Japanese optics company Nippon Kogaku K. K., as a consumer version of the professional Nikon brand.

How do you use a Nikkormat El?

The Nikkormat EL makes it easy, any time you wish. Simply disengage the shutter dial from its locked “A” position and turn it to the desired setting. No need to look at the dial; you see the green indicator in the finder moving to the speed you selected.

What battery does a Nikkormat camera use?

The Nikkormat FT2 uses a SR44, S76, or 357 battery.

How do you rewind a Nikkormat?

Open the camera in subdued light. Pull up the -rewind knob. Remove the film cartridge from the camera. The rewind button on the camera bottom will snap back into position, when the film advance lever is next operated.

What battery does the Nikon FTn use?

mercury batteries
The Photomic FTn finder for the Nikon F used 1.3-volt PX-13 or PX-625 mercury batteries, which are no longer manufactured because of environmental regulations.

How do you open a Nikkormat El?

To open the Nikkormat EL back, you pull the rewind knob up (after first releasing the safety lock). The back is hinged and remains attached to the camera. The rewind knob has a fold-out crank for convenient, rapid film rewinding. New design advances made possible the use of an extra-large mirror in the Nikkormat EL.

When did the Nikkormat FT 35mm camera come out?

This page is dedicated to the superb 35mm SLR Nikkormat FT camera produced by Nikon from 1965 to 1967 to replace the Nikkorex F. The Nikkormat FT was released at the same time as the Nikkormat FS but had a built in exposure meter!

Is the Nikkormat FT3 a manual focus camera?

The Nikkormat FT3 (Nikomat FT3 in Japan), the last iteration of the Nikomat / Nikkormat F series from Nikon, is definitely one of the cameras for the keep. The all-metal and mechanically controlled manual focus 35mm SLR film camera series with match-needle exposure control was manufactured by Nippon Kogaku K. K. (Nikon) from 1965 to 1978.

Is the nikkormatt FS with out a meter?

The Nikkormatt FS with out a built in meter was a relative failure, the only reason it remained on sale for an additional four years longer than the Nikkormat FT was that in 1967 Nikon modified the Nikkormat FT’s metering system from average weighed to centre weighed, designating the resultant camera the Nikkormat FTn.

Where is the lens mount on a Nikkormat FTN?

A little bit like the Olympus OM series cameras, it’s located around the lens mount. Unlike the OM Series cameras, it has a lever that pokes out of the left-hand side of the body of the camera.