Is Na2SO3 basic or acidic?

Is Na2SO3 basic or acidic?

Is sodium sulfite an acid or a base? Sodium sulphite, Na2SO3, is a salt made from the neutralization reaction between a strong base (sodium hydroxide) and a weak acid (sulphurous acid). Its aqueous solution is, therefore, distinctly basic in nature, with a pH value slightly greater than 7.

Is Na2SO3 an acidic salt?

Sodium sulphite, Na2SO3, is a salt of a strong base (sodium hydroxide) and weak acid (sulphurous acid). So, its aqueous solution is distinctly basic (pH>7) in nature. The sulphite ion undergoes hydrolysis on interaction with water molecules as per the following equation.

Is sodium bromide an acid or base?

Hence, NaBr is a salt. The dissociation of NaBr is an aqueous solution produces only sodium ion and bromide ion. The pH of the salt is 7 which is neutral. Hence, the aqueous solution of NaBr is neutral.

Is CH3NH3NO3 an acidic salt?

Answer Save. CH3NH2 is a weak base (Kb = 5.0 * 10-4) and so the salt, CH3NH3NO3, acts as a weak acid.

Is naclo4 basic or acidic?

Sodium perchlorate is a powerful oxidizer, albeit it’s not as powerful as its potassium counterpart due to its hygroscopicity. It will react with a strong mineral acid, such as hydrochloric acid, to form perchloric acid….Is hco2h an acid or base?

Ka Acid Base
1.8 * 10-5 Ethanoic acid CH3COO

Is NH4Cl acidic or basic?

As mentioned in the other answer, NH4Cl is an “acidic” salt, formed by the neutralization of a strong acid (HCl) with a weak base (NH3). THe ammonium is acting as an acid (proton donor) hence the ammonia (NH3) is the conjugate base of the acid (ammonium).

Is NaNO3 strong or weak acid or base?

Is NaNO3 a Base or an Acid? NaNO3, commonly referred to as sodium nitrate, is not an acid or a base. When dissolved in water this compound actually produces a neutral solution. Sodium nitrate is a neutral salt.

Is NaNO3 an acid or a base?

NaNO3 is a salt resulting from a reaction between a strong base ( NaOH ) and a strong acid (HNO3). These salts are neutral. Thus the pH should be 7.

Is N2O3 an acid or base?

N2O3 is the anhydride of HNO2, nitrous acid. The anhydride of an acid is the acidic oxide which on hydration forms the acid. N2O5 dissolves in water to give nitric acid, and N2O3 forms nitrous acid.

Is Na2CO3 basic or acidic?

Na2CO3 is neither an acid nor a base. It is a salt. So we see that it gives a NaOH , a strong base and H2CO3, a weak acid. Hence we can say it is a basic salt, a salt not an acid or a base. A.