Is McIntosh electronics still in business?

Is McIntosh electronics still in business?

In May 2003, McIntosh was sold by Clarion to D&M Holdings, also of Japan. McIntosh continues to operate independent engineering, design, and production operations in accordance with the company’s tradition.

What is McIntosh sound system?

McIntosh offers a range of lifestyle audio products with the flexibility to adapt to today’s audio needs. From portable decoding amplifiers to wireless speakers to headphones to streaming audio products, we offer a solution to fit the way you live with your music.

How much does a McIntosh turntable cost?

The McIntosh MT5 turntable caresses every single groove of your precious vinyl. And for the asking price of $6,500, you should expect your records to receive some extra pampering.

Who bought McIntosh audio?

Fine Sounds SpA
MILAN, OCTOBER 8, 2012 – Fine Sounds SpA of Milan, Italy, owner of Sonus Faber, Audio Research Corporation, Wadia Digital and Sumiko, has acquired 100% of McIntosh Laboratory, America’s most respected and formidable producer of hi-fi system solutions and a global leader in prestige home entertainment and ultimate- …

Where is McIntosh HIFI made?

upstate New York
McIntosh has since earned a reputation for quality components built largely by hand at its factory in upstate New York. Although speakers, turntables, and music streamers all roll down the assembly conveyors, audio aficionados most revere the warm sound of the company’s amplifiers.

Are McIntosh turntables good?

The McIntosh MT5 is an impressive turntable. We can’t think of a high-end alternative that’s as easy to set-up, and few that are as nice to use. The general standards of build and finish are good, and the sound quality, while not outstanding, remains exciting and enjoyable.

What is the most expensive turntable?

AV Design Haus Dereneville VPM
AV Design Haus Dereneville VPM ($650,000) The most expensive turntable in the world is AV Design Haus’ Dereneville VPM, ringing in at well over half a million dollars.

What does a McIntosh preamp do?

Preamplifiers are Control Centers that switch source units, turn volume up and down, and in some cases allow tone shaping or turning bass and treble sounds up or down.

What can a McIntosh home stereo system do?

With a McIntosh home stereo system or home theater, listeners have the ability to create their own luxury audio experience – and truly live their music.

How to contact McIntosh home audio for sale?

(865) 675-7246, 10 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time, Monday-Thursday. 10 AM to 5 PM Friday-Saturday. If it’s in the list it’s in stock, quantity updated daily. Prices do not include shipping nor cabinets. QTY. PRICE EA. Each ! Integrated Amps. Integrated Amp. Integrated Amp. Integrated Amp.

What kind of headphones do you use with a McIntosh?

Stream to a McIntosh of Any Era. Treat Your Headphones to McIntosh Amplification. Treat Your Headphones to McIntosh Amplification. A Classic. Supersized. A flexible, adaptable music system. Not sure about what would meet your listening needs and environment? Explore our sample systems for inspiration.

How long does McIntosh home audio backlog last?

Equipment orders (built pre 1985) can have an 14 week backlog. (865) 675-7246, 10 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time, Monday-Thursday. 10 AM to 5 PM Friday-Saturday.