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Is Martin Hughes Games married?

Is Martin Hughes Games married?

Jo Averym. 2015
Martin Hughes-Games/Spouse

How old is Martin Hughes games?

65 years (April 16, 1956)
Martin Hughes-Games/Age

What is Martin Hugh games doing now?

Popular presenter on BBC Two’s Springwatch and Autumnwatch series, Martin trained as a zoologist before joining the BBC science department. By some curious, as-yet imperfectly understood twist of fate he now presents both film and live television for BBC1 and BBC2.

Why did Martin leave springwatch?

Why is Martin Hugh-Games not returning to Springwatch? In 2016 he actually announced that he was being axed by the BBC in order for diversity targets to be met. However after a flurry of support from viewers, his role was changed rather than terminated.

Will there be a springwatch 2021?

Springwatch 2021 started on Tuesday 25 May at 8pm on BBC2 and has aired Tuesdays to Fridays each week. The final episode will air on Friday 11 June.

Is Megan McCubbin related to Chris Packham?

Megan McCubbin, Chris Packham’s stepdaughter, made her live TV debut during Springwatch 2020. Megan appeared alongside Chris as his co-presenter in the New Forest, where Chris lives.

Who are the presenters of Springwatch?

Get to know the spouses of the BBC show’s wildlife experts here. We’re so glad that Springwatch is back on our screens, and along with its wonderful presenters Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, Iolo Williams and Gillian Burke.

How long does Springwatch last?

When is Springwatch on TV? Springwatch returns to BBC Two at 8pm on Tuesday 25 May and will continue every Tuesday to Friday for three weeks.

How do I send pictures to Springwatch 2021?

There are four ways you can get in touch with us:

  1. Publish your videos and images to Twitter using the hashtag #Springwatch.
  2. Leave us a comment, and upload your videos and images to our Facebook page.
  3. Upload your wildlife photos to our Flickr group.
  4. Tag us – @BBCSpringwatch – in your posts on Instagram.

What happened to Chris Packham’s wife?

Chris isn’t currently married. However, he is in a long-term relationship with his partner, Charlotte Corney. They have been dating for over a decade, having first met all the way back in 2010. Charlotte owns Isle of Wight Zoo.

Who is Chris Packham’s sister?

Jenny Packham
Chris Packham/Sisters
Jenny Packham is a British fashion designer. She mostly makes ready-to-wear clothes and wedding dresses. She is the sister of naturalist and television presenter Chris Packham.

Why did Simon leave springwatch?

BBC2’s Autumnwatch returns next week, but one of its star presenters, Simon King, will not. How will the show fare without him? The wildlife cameraman extraordinaire has been a fixture on Springwatch and the show it spawned, Autumnwatch, since 2005. Now King – off to pursue “other interests” – has gone as well.

Who is Martin Hughes Games and what does he do?

Who is Martin Hughes-Games? Martin Hughes-Games is a British zoologist, natural history program producer, and presenter. He is best known for co-presenting the BBC magazine-style nature series Springwatch as well as its spin-offs, Winterwatch, Autumnwatch, and Springwatch Unsprung.

Who is Martin Hughes married to in real life?

Martin Hughes-Games is a married man. He is married to a lady named Jo Avery. She is a television assistant producer. The couple tied the knot in May 2015. He is so obsessed with India that he married in an Indian style. He wore a sherwani during his wedding, which is worn by an Indian groom during the marriage.

Why was Martin Hughes-Games axed from Springwatch?

Former Springwatch presenter Martin Hughes-Games has joked he’s an ‘endangered species’ on television because he’s ‘white, middle-class and old-aged’. The 63-year-old presenter announced he’d been axed from the BBC nature show in September 2016, only to return shortly afterwards following the outcry which ensued.

How old is Martin Hughes of Natural History?

Hughes-Games in 2014. Martin Hughes-Games (born 16 April 1956) is a natural history programme producer and presenter.