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Is Local Body Tax applicable in Mumbai?

Is Local Body Tax applicable in Mumbai?

There is no local body tax (LBT) in Mumbai. In rural areas, the stamp duty will be reduced to 2% from 5% comprising 4% stamp duty and 1% LBT/Zilla Parishad tax, whichever was applicable there.

What is Local Body Tax in India?

Local Body Tax (LBT Tax) is imposed by the local civic bodies of India on the entry of goods into local area for consumption or use or sale, it is to be paid by the trader to the civic body and the rules and regulations differ for different states. As of 15th August, 2015, the LBT is partially abolished.

What is full form of LBT?

LBT, or Local Body Tax, is a cess that the Maharashtra government wants to levy on the entry of goods for use and consumption within the jurisdictions of local municipal corporations. The state government will implement LBT to replace the traditional octroi.

What is the stamp duty rate in Maharashtra?

Stamp duty and registration charges in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Stamp duty and registration charges in Maharashtra
Cities Stamp Duty rates (Male) Registration Charges
Nagpur 6% (Stamp duty 5% + Local Body Tax (LBT) 1%) For properties above Rs 30 lakh – Rs 30,000. For properties below Rs 30 lakh – 1% of the property value.

How is LBT tax calculated?

Rate of LBT are between 0.50% to 8% on the value of goods purchased for consumption or sold. By multiply the rate with respected net value of goods imported in the city, you can calculate LBT of each good. By total of tax of each good, you can find total tax liability.

What is LBT in gift deed?

LBT is Local Body Tax which is levied by the Concerned Local Government Body such as Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council, Grampanchayat, etc. The ‘LBT’ is applicable on the property transfer by way of Gift Deed, Agreement to Sell, Sale Deed, Deed of Assignment, etc.

How is stamp duty calculated on property in Maharashtra?

In Maharashtra, the stamp duty on property varies as per the location. For instance, stamp duty for a property located in the municipal limit of urban areas in Mumbai will be 5% of the market value, while a property located within the limits of any gram panchayat will attract stamp duty of 3% of the market value.

Will stamp duty be reduced 2020?

Karnataka cuts stamp duty on properties priced up to Rs 35 lakhs. December 10, 2020: At a time when the residential market in the country has taken a severe beating, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Karnataka state assembly has approved lowering of the stamp duty rates on affordable homes.

When was local body tax introduced in Maharashtra?

LBT was introduced in Maharashtra under the provisions of Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act, 1949, and the Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporation Rules, 2010.

Which is exempt from local body tax in India?

Local Body Tax rates vary in each municipal corporation, though the Schedule B of goods exempt from LBT is common for all cities. The general range of LBT is between 0.1 percent and 10 percent. The highest LBT is usually levied on Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL), imported liquor, wines and country liquor.

How is local body tax levied in Pune?

The Government of Maharashtra has notified the rates at which the Local Body Tax shall be levied by the Municipal Corporation of the city of Pune on entry of various categories of goods into the limits of the City for consumption, use or sale therein as are specified in Schedule-A*.

When did Pune Municipal Corporation collect local body tax?

As per the Government of Maharashtra Notification bearing No. LBT-2013/22/UD-32, dated 25/02/2013, the government has directed Pune Municipal Corporation to collect Local Body Tax instead of Octroi in its jurisdiction from 01.04