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Is lifes abundance dog food sold in stores?

Is lifes abundance dog food sold in stores?

Life’s Abundance dog and cat foods, treats, supplements, and pet care products along with nutritional supplements and skin care for us are not sold in stores. You also will not be able to purchase Life’s Abundance products online at Amazon, Chewy, or any big box store.

Is Life’s Abundance a pyramid scheme?

Life’s Abundance is an MLM company that found they could have someone else make dog food, add their own packaging, and then get others to sell it for them.

Where is Life’s Abundance dog food manufactured?

Jupiter, Florida
Life’s Abundance is based in Jupiter, Florida, and they focus on dog and cat supplements, food, and treats.

Who Owns Life’s Abundance dog food?

Like many companies, ours started small. In 1998, Dennis and Carol Berardi co-founded Trilogy International, now Life’s Abundance with a commitment to offer exceptional health products for people, the planet and pets. From the outset, they employed two other people, including Stephen Berardi, Dennis’ brother.

How long has life’s abundance been in business?

Life’s Abundance has been making and selling healthy pet food since 1999, and it’s never had a product recalled, a record that makes CEO Lester Thornhill, a native Trinidadian, proud.

Is it good to feed dog with supplement?

If your dog suffers from skin and/or coat issues, it is beneficial to give them supplements that contain fatty acids. These can be in the form of dog chews that can be given separately as yummy treats.

What’s different about large breed puppy food?

your large breed pup needs a lot of it. Top-quality dog food…

  • Fatty Acids. Large breed pups need less fat because they are susceptible to obesity. The only case where you can feed…
  • Calcium. Healthy bones and joints should be your core concern when choosing…
  • What is about the breed specific pet food?

    Breed specific dog food is a type of dog food that is designed to specifically address the unique nutritional needs of purebred dogs . The concept behind breed-specific food is that a high energy small dog like a chihuahua has different nutritional needs than say a low energy large breed like a Bull Mastiff.