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Is Keith Haring appropriate for school?

Is Keith Haring appropriate for school?

Haring’s work is simple yet provocative for children, so he seemed an appropriate artist to study in our summer school computer art program. We had three major goals related to state and national standards: To use art as inquiry to learn about a famous artist.

What does Keith Haring stand for?

Keith Haring is recognized for his exclusive use of black and white, and typical use of primary colors. Haring explained the nature of this symbol as representing youthful innocence, purity, goodness and potential. The Barking Dog, alongside the Radiant Baby, is suggested to be the artist most famous tag.

What did Keith Haring do?

Keith Haring was a popular artist and activist who was part of the legendary New York art scene during the 1980s. While he is known for his colourful works and his iconic motifs such as the radiant baby and the barking dog, much of his work responded to contemporary social and political events.

Who was Keith Haring inspired by?

graffiti artists
Keith Haring was inspired by graffiti artists. He drew hundreds of drawings on New York’s subway. He used chalk to make his art, like the image below. People walked past his art every day.

Who was Keith Haring target audience?

He wanted everyone, whether wealthy or poor, old or young, to become impassioned and excited about the world of art. It was said of Haring that he was one of the main forces that “brought the importance street art up front, empowering the move of art from the gallery walls right into the the community.”

Was Keith Haring queer?

Haring was openly gay and used his work to advocate for safe sex. He was diagnosed with AIDS in the autumn of 1988.

Did Keith Haring sell his art?

Haring used to offer his art free on subway walls. Now he sells it for five-figure sums.