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Is i5-3570K any good?

Is i5-3570K any good?

It works alongside the graphics card to power your PC games. This Intel CPU has 4 cores, 4 threads and runs at a clock speed of 3.4 GHz. PCGameBenchmark rates processors by how many of the top 1,000 PC games the chip can run. This Intel CPU can run 773 of the top 1000 games – so we give it a 77% rating.

What generation is the i5-3570K?

Core i5 3rd Gen. Intel Core i5-3570K Processor Model LGA 1155/Socket H2 Computer Processors (CPUs) for sale | eBay.

Does i5 3570K have integrated graphics?

The Intel Core i5-3570K is a fast quad-core desktop processor based on the Ivy Bridge architecture. The integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU offers 16 Execution Units (EUs) clocked at 650 MHz up to 1150 MHz with Turbo Boost. For recent games, the performance is only sufficient for low resolutions and details.

When did i5 3570K come out?

The Intel Core i5-3570K was a desktop processor with 4 cores, launched in April 2012.

Can an i5 processor be better than an i7 processor?

In other words, Core i7 has more GHz. Which makes it faster than Core i5 processors, but a new model of Core i5 is faster than old models of Core i7 as well as the accompanying components affects the chip speed. The Core i5 and i7 have individual processors with a four-digit model number, there are Core i7-6700 and Core i5-6600K.

Does the i7 overclock better than the i5?

Both i5 and i7 does support it, but as a result, i7 tends to have always more clock speeds over the i5 processors resulting in more clock speeds after overclocking the processor. So, its a personal preference depending upon the user.

What are the AMD processors?

An Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) processor is a computer processor designed or manufactured by AMD, an American semiconductor and technology company. AMD primarily produces central processing units (CPUs) intended to compete against offerings from its much larger rival Intel®.

What is an Intel CPU?

The CPU is an Intel chip in most modern computers, although some may have an AMD processor installed. Many computers also contain LAN controllers, both wired and wireless, that may have come from Intel; they might have an SSD made by Intel, and virtually every machine with an Intel CPU also uses an Intel…