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Is Hotspot Shield a reliable VPN?

Is Hotspot Shield a reliable VPN?

Hotspot Shield VPN Hotspot Shield is one of the most trusted, secure and fastest VPN on the market. First, it lets you access websites that are blocked in your country and by your local network (like in school or at work).

Does Hotspot Shield VPN sell your data?

There have been allegations that Hotspot Shield, on both its free and paid plans, collects user data and directs user traffic to its advertising partners. In the past, Hotspot Shield’s free version injected ads directly into web pages displayed in a desktop browser.

Why is Hotspot Shield bad?

The Good: Hotspot Shield has a very clear zero-log policy and does not track anything you do online. It also uses its own Hydra Catapult protocol, which is much faster than OpenVPN. Moreover, it applies the highly secure AES-256 encryption, and features a kill switch. The Bad: It does not use its own DNS servers.

Does Hotspot Shield basic work?

Hotspot Shield Basic is also supported by ads (Android). If you want to have full access to 100+ virtual locations, 4x connection speed, and access to personal customer support please upgrade to Premium.

Is Surfshark better than Hotspot Shield?

Surfshark is a new VPN service, while AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield has been popular with users all over the world for years. With 2,500+ servers worldwide, great speeds, and plenty of unblocking power, this VPN is very capable where it counts. Another plus is an excellent user interface across all major platforms.

Is shield a free VPN?

How Much Does Hotspot Shield Cost? Hotspot Shield is one of the few VPN services that offers a free subscription tier. That comes with limitations, however. The free Basic subscription of Hotspot Shield restricts you to only US VPN servers, one simultaneous connection, and 500MB of bandwidth per day.

What does a Hotspot Shield do need a VPN?

Without the security of a VPN, your web traffic is exposed. This means that cyber criminals can intercept your personal data and your ISP can see what you do online. When you connect to Hotspot Shield VPN, your web traffic is routed through our secure VPN servers, where it is then encrypted. This acts as a ‘tunnel’ for your data to travel through, keeping your sensitive information secure.

How much does Hotspot Shield cost?

Hotspot Shield has three subscription tiers. The first is its free Basic option, which I discuss in greater detail below. The Premium subscription offers five simultaneous connections, provides full access to Hotspot Shield’s servers, and has no data limit. It costs $12.99 per month.

Is Hotspot Shield safe to use?

Yes it is safe to use, however it had ads embedded into it meaning you will see annoying ads while using it. I reccomend instead that you CyberGhost it doesn’t have ads and is deadly fast.

What is free hotspot shield?

Value: Hotspot Shield is one of the largest free VPN services in the world. Though the free version is ad-supported, the paid Elite tier comes at an affordable price, with cross-platform support. Customizable: Hotspot Shield allows you to connect from other countries.