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Is Honda Shadow 750 a good bike?

Is Honda Shadow 750 a good bike?

Combining exceptional power with light weight and wonderful styling, the Honda Shadow 750 is a killer bike for any rider. The size, the ease of handling, the price, and much more go into making the Honda Shadow 750 one of the best motorcycles out there, especially for a noob at biking.

How many miles will a Honda Shadow 750 last?

How Long Does the Honda Shadow 750 Last? A well-maintained Honda Shadow can last 15 years, on average. 15,000 miles is considered high mileage for these models, but it’s not uncommon to see models that go over 30,000 miles when the machine has been stored indoors over the winters.

Is a 2006 Honda Shadow a good bike?

Honda is legendary for reliability, so I felt very comfortable buying this bike used with only 5,000 miles on it, particularly at less than $3500! The Shadow Spirit 750 has a very low seat height, something on the order of 26″, so it is very easy for the new rider to feel comfortable and confident.

What year Honda Shadow is best?

The 10 Best Honda Shadow Motorcycle Models of All-Time

  1. 2008 Honda Shadow VLX Deluxe.
  2. 2010 Honda Shadow RS.
  3. 2014 Honda Shadow Phantom.
  4. 2000 Honda Shadow Sabre.
  5. 1998 Honda Shadow Aero.
  6. 1997 Honda Shadow Spirit.
  7. 1987 Honda Shadow VT1100.
  8. 1985 Honda Shadow VT500C.

Is 750cc too much for a beginner?

A 750cc bike is certainly a hefty machine. Those who are brand new to motorcycling may find a 750cc bike too intimidating for a starter vehicle. Its large size and weight may be difficult for an inexperienced rider to feel comfortable on.

What is considered high mileage for a Honda motorcycle?

Generally, high mileage on a motorcycle is anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 miles. For sport bikes, the high mileage number will be on the low end (usually around 25,000), while cruisers and touring bikes typically become high mileage in the 40,000- to the 50,000-mile range.

How long will a motorcycle engine last?

Modern bikes can last a lifetime without having to be replaced. Modern engines may last for as long as 15 years without needing to be rebuilt or replaced as the technology and materials used have been enhanced significantly throughout the years.

What is a 2006 Honda Shadow worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $6,399 $2,310
Options (Add)
Total Price $6,399 $2,310

How many spark plugs does a 2006 Honda Shadow 750 have?

Three-valve cylinder-head design utilizes two spark plugs per cylinder for excellent combustion efficiency and high power output.

Which Honda Shadow is best?

The 10 Best Honda Shadow Motorcycle Models of All-Time

  • 2014 Honda Shadow Phantom.
  • 2000 Honda Shadow Sabre.
  • 1998 Honda Shadow Aero.
  • 1997 Honda Shadow Spirit.
  • 1987 Honda Shadow VT1100.
  • 1985 Honda Shadow VT500C.
  • 2009 Honda Shadow American Classic Edition VT750.
  • 1997 Honda Shadow VT750C2 ACE.

What Honda Shadow should I buy?

The 600 VLX or 750 Shadow should do you just fine in most cases. It depends on what kind of riding you will be doing. For longer road trips, the 1100 would be my bike of choice as it’s heavier, rides nice and holds the road better than a smaller bike would.

Is the Honda Shadow VT750 a good bike?

Our Honda Shadow VT750 owners’ reviews show fairly positive scores, with the main negative point being that it’s an uncomfortable bike for pillion riders. The Honda VT750C Shadow sits comfortably in the market, fairly priced amongst its competitors.

How to rate a 2006 Honda Spirit 750?

Use our Bike Finder, below, to get everything you need. Agree, Disagree? Write a Review and rate the 2006 Honda Shadow® Spirit 750. Your review and rating will help rank 2006 Cruiser . Interested in buying a new motorcycle?

When did the Honda VT750 DC come out?

VT750 C2: 1997 until 2001, it was basically the same as the original but had twin rear shocks and telescopic forks. VT750 DC: 2000 – 2004, it was a stripped down version with similar specs to the C and C2 bikes but weighed less and had more ground clearance.

What kind of car is the Honda Shadow 750?

The Honda Shadow 750 – or VT750C in Honda parlance – is a sleek and smooth (if slightly underpowered) cruiser. The shaft drive is a welcome addition but carbs and drum brakes are a bit old hat for a modern machine.