Is Grace Digital still in business?

Is Grace Digital still in business?

The managed shut down will begin on November 21st, 2020. Anticipating the eventual shut down, Grace Digital has already developed a faster and more feature rich internet radio platform. Radios developed after 2017 are on the new platform and will not be affected.

What is grace radio?

The Grace Digital Mondo GDI-IRC6000 streams over 17,000 radio stations and on demand contact included Pandora, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, Live365, NPR, NOAA weather and Weatherbug. Play music directly from the Internet without a PC or play your favorite computer files from your computer.

What kind of audio equipment does Grace Digital use?

Grace Digital is happy to offer clients a wide range of audio equipment that functions as the bridge between their internet radio and home stereo systems. One of the great products that we offer is the Mondo, an electronic item that utilizes your current Wi-Fi in order to access the most contemporary, compelling online music services.

When did Michael Grace start his audio business?

In the early 90’s, Michael Grace began building single order custom audio products for a small, devout following of recording engineers and artists . Before long, the word had spread about these custom microphone preamplifier designs, which were said to outperform anything else that was commercially available.

When does the new Grace Radio come out?

• Mondo plus / Mondo plus classic /Mondo elite / Mondo elite Classic The new Grace Digital platform features quad core microprocessors, over double the available radio stations, NPR, FOX news, BBC,CBS radio, Chromecast audio built in, and music services such as Amazon Music, SiriusXM, Bluetooth streaming and Pandora coming in late January 2021.

Is the Grace Digital Internet radio 3rd party?

These new internet radios do not use a 3rd party server network to operate. If you have a legacy internet radio, to help with the transition, Grace Digital will offer special one time discounts to effected customers.