Is Goodwin Creek lavender edible?

Is Goodwin Creek lavender edible?

These lavenders are excellent, however, for grilling and smoking meats, fish, and vegetables. Lavender flowers can be used fresh or dried.

What types of lavender are edible?

Lavandins (Lavandula x intermedia), which are hybrids of English lavender, also make wonderful culinary lavenders. Try ‘Grosso’ lavender (Lavandula x intermedia ‘Grosso’) and ‘Provence’ lavender (Lavandula x intermedia ‘Provence’) for intensely intricate flavors.

What do I do with lavender in Goodwin Creek?

It is used for its oil, flowers, and strong lavender scent that is very relaxing and soothing. Use the fresh cut stems and purple flowers in fresh flower bouquets and in lavender wands which are braided bouquets that are placed in the home to add the wonderful lavender scent. Dry the flowers and use them in potpourri.

What type of lavender is Goodwin Creek lavender?

Hybrid Lavender
‘Goodwin Creek’ is a Hybrid Lavender that was discovered at Goodwin Creek Gardens in Williams, Oregon. This variety was selected for its superior silvery-gray foliage and bright violet-blue flowers. The plant is more tolerant of heat and humidity than other varieties.

What is the best lavender for medicinal use?

English lavender is the preferred medicinal variety heralded by herbalists everywhere. With a sweet, floral perfume, upright mounding, often fairly compact) habitat, richly colored blooms, and fragrant foliage, there is really nothing not to love about English lavender.

Is Goodwin Creek lavender toxic to cats?

Silvery gray foliage. Toxic to dogs, cats and horses.

Is any lavender not edible?

There are many, many types of culinary lavender cultivars, but most of them are types of True Lavender, vs. intermedia) is edible, as is all lavender, but its flavor can be resinous and pungent. A Lavandin type will make a dish taste bitter.

How often should you water Goodwin Creek lavender?

Lavenders are sun loving, drought tolerant shrubs, requiring good drainage and occasional summer watering.

How big does Goodwin Creek lavender?

24-36″ tall
4. WATER During the first year of your lavender’s growth it needs to establish a good root system.

SKU AM015162
Flower Color Purple
Mature Height 24-36″ tall
Estimated Mature Spread 24-28″ wide
Growth Rate Medium

What kind of lavender grows in Goodwin Creek?

Keep reading to learn more about growing Goodwin Creek Grey lavender and Goodwin Creek Grey care. Goodwin Creek Grey lavender plants ( Lavandula ‘Goodwin Creek Grey’) are known for their attractive silver to gray foliage and for their relatively short spikes of deep purple to blue flowers.

What kind of flowers does Goodwin Creek Grey have?

‘Goodwin Creek Grey’ is a French lavender (Lavandula ginginsii) with silver foliage. It flowers throughout the summer, though the flowers aren’t going to be your chief concern if you want to keep a tight hedge. You could always let it bloom and then give it a trim.

Which is the best lavender plant to plant in a garden?

‘Goodwin Creek Grey’ French lavender plants tick several of these boxes. ‘Goodwin Creek Grey’ is both fragrant and compact, with silver leaves that contrast wonderfully with its deep purple blooms. It looks great by itself in a container, but you can also pair it with creeping thyme or other drought-tolerant herbs and annuals.

Are there any varieties of lavender that are not edible?

It is when you get away from the english and lavandin varieties that you get into varieties that have high camphor. Varieties such as fernleaf (L. multifida), spike (L. latifolia) and french (L. stoechas) and spanish (L. dentata) all have high camphor and may not be acceptable to everyone when used in food.