Is explainable a word?

Is explainable a word?

Capable of being explained or accounted for: accountable, decipherable, explicable, illustratable, interpretable.

What does it mean for a model to be explainable?

An explainable model is a function that is too complicated for a human to understand. Another name for this is a black-box model. We need an additional method/technique to be able to peer into the black-box and understand how the model works. An example of such a model would be a Random Forest.

What is meant by explainable in AI?

Explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) is a set of processes and methods that allows human users to comprehend and trust the results and output created by machine learning algorithms. Explainable AI is used to describe an AI model, its expected impact and potential biases.

What is the difference between interpretability and Explainability?

Interpretability has to do with how accurate a machine learning model can associate a cause to an effect. Explainability has to do with the ability of the parameters, often hidden in Deep Nets, to justify the results.

What’s the difference between unexplainable and inexplicable?

As adjectives the difference between inexplicable and unexplainable. is that inexplicable is impossible to explain; not easily accounted for while unexplainable is that cannot be explained; inexplicable.

What’s the opposite of explainable?

What is the opposite of explainable?

indefensible unjustifiable
illegitimate improbable
inexcusable invalid
prohibited unacceptable
unlawful unlikely

Why is model interpretability important?

Machine learning model fairness and interpretability are critical for data scientists, researchers and developers to explain their models and understand the value and accuracy of their findings. Interpretability is also important to debug machine learning models and make informed decisions about how to improve them.

Where explainable AI is used?

Explainable AI – which lets humans understand and articulate how an AI system made a decision – will be key in healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, and automobiles.

How do you explain AI model?

In AI/ML, a model replicates a decision process to enable automation and understanding. AI/ML models are mathematical algorithms that are “trained” using data and human expert input to replicate a decision an expert would make when provided that same information.

Why neural network is called black box?

A neural network is a black box in the sense that while it can approximate any function, studying its structure won’t give you any insights on the structure of the function being approximated.

Are inexplicable and unexplainable synonyms?

Both these words have similar meaning. They are synonyms. Inexplicable means something which cant be explained and same is the meaning of unexplainable.

Which is the best definition of the word explainable?

But that is explainable. I have had it so long, and I have prized it so much! By an accident wholly explainable, the viscount and chevalier, aristocrats by nature, came instantly into unison; they recognized each other at once as men belonging to the same sphere. Explainable AI: Often personal judgements still override decisions made by an AI.

How is explainable AI defined in plain English?

Explainable AI defined in plain English. “The term ‘explainable AI’ or ‘interpretable AI’ refers to humans being able to easily comprehend through dynamically generated graphs or textual descriptions the path artificial intelligence technology took to make a decision.” –Keith Collins, executive vice president and CIO, SAS.

What is the meaning of the word explain?

2. verb To explain why one has done something, usually something bad or wrong. Often used as an imperative in the phrase “explain yourself.” Now that they caught me plagiarizing, I’m going to have to explain myself before a disciplinary committee. Explain yourself—what could have possibly convinced you that it was OK to plagiarize your paper?

Is there such a thing as an explicable life?

Life, according to Crick, was an epiphenomenon of physics and chemistry — complex, yes, but still explicable in molecular terms. — New York Times, 24 Mar. 2021 To do so would be to acknowledge the reality: that most violent or unusual deaths are tragic, yet sadly explicable.