Is David and Mary Thomson closing?

Is David and Mary Thomson closing?

The school was named after David and Mary Thomson, the first European settlers that immigrated to Scarborough in the late 18th century….

David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute
Status Active, original building demolished
School board Toronto District School Board (Scarborough Board of Education)

Where is the new David and Mary Thomson School?

The new David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute is a true achievement in teaching excellence for the 21st century The new David and Mary Thomson school building opened on Tuesday December 10th by welcoming over 1,500 students and faculty to their spectacular new home located at 125 Brockley Drive, Scarborough.

When do I need to register at David and Mary Thomson?

Potential students who live within our catchment area (use the TDSB Find Your School service to determine if this applies to you), may register for classes at David and Mary Thomson C.I. at any time during the school year. During registration you will be asked to provide the following:

When does David and Mary Thomson Alumni Association meet?

On Saturday January 30, 2021, our Alumni association executive committee held an informal meeting to exchange best wishes for the new year and discuss some upcoming agenda items for the Association. Zoom conferencing brought 9 of our members together very effectively, making the session both productive and fun!

Who is the superintendent of TDSB Ward 17?

Ward 17/Learning Network 18 – For the following schools, please contact Superintendent Liz Holder at 416-394-2032 or [email protected]: Buchanan Public School, George Peck Public School, Manhattan Park Junior Public School, Maryvale Public School, Terraview-Willowfield Public School, Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts, Wexford Public School