Is Costco seaweed snack healthy?

Is Costco seaweed snack healthy?

At slightly under a dollar per pack, it’s way above my threshold for what I’d like to pay per unit of a packaged item for my kid. But when you buy it at Costco, it’s about 2/3 the price of other seaweed snacks I’ve found at regular grocery stores. In the scheme of packaged foods, it’s pretty darn healthy.

Where does Costco get their seaweed?

Kirkland Signature Roasted Seasoned Seaweed is made in Korea and sold at Costco Wholesale.

Is eating too much dried seaweed bad for you?

Most seaweed contains high levels, and a person may consume too much if they eat a lot of seaweed over an extended period. While many people can handle high levels of iodine, some are more vulnerable to its effects, which can include thyroid dysfunction.

Is it OK to eat dried seaweed everyday?

And for good reason — eating seaweed is a super healthy and nutritious way to add extra vitamins and minerals to your diet. Eating it regularly may even boost your health and protect you from certain diseases.

What kind of seaweed is in Costco seaweed snacks?

Before Costco used to carry JayOne roasted seaweed snacks, and now they’ve replaced it with their own Kirkland brand of dried seaweed snacks – Kirkland Roasted Seasoned Seaweed. Costco sells the Kirkland seaweed snacks in the case of 10 packages. Costco Kirkland Roasted Seaweed tastes exactly the same as the JayOne Roasted Seaweed.

Where to buy Kirkland Signature organic roasted seaweed snack?

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Is it healthy to eat dried seaweed snacks?

I love roasted seaweed snacks! Small thin pieces of dried seaweed are so addictive! Dried roasted seaweed is low calorie and healthy – seaweed is a great source of iodine, vitamin A and vitamin C.

What to do with roasted seaweed snack pack?

USDA Organic roasted seaweed snack. Five servings per container. Crumble up the seaweed and put it into your salad, or on a pizza, or serve with sushi. This package contains a silica gel packet. DO NOT EAT. Keep out of the reach of children. Contents may become soggy after exposure to humidity.