Is Clash of Clans banned in any country?

Is Clash of Clans banned in any country?

Iran has banned mobile game ‘Clash of Clans’ to protect the country’s youth from its influence, which the government claims promotes tribal warfare. The ban was urged after a report from psychologists claimed the game encourages violence, tribal war and is extensively addictive.

How long are bans on Clash of Clans?

If I am banned for two weeks, what should I do? You can play normally after two weeks. Just don’t do anything to get banned again, or else you will become permanently banned.

Why did my Clash of Clans account get banned?

One of the main reasons we ban accounts is disruptive behavior. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to play our games without being harassed for any reason. Please note: “disruptive behavior” and “gaining an unfair advantage” are not ban reasons you might see in a ban pop-up.

In which country Clash of Clans is most played?

Clash of Clans most popular countries (%)

Year Percentage of active daily participation
United States 18.92
Turkey 6.17
China 4.09
Germany 3.65

Can you get banned for swearing on Clash of Clans?

It is not a license to use inappropriate language or subject matter. If reported, our staff would review what was said and take actions accordingly. Though we don’t tend to “ban” for chat violations, unless you have a history of them, we silence the account instead.

Do clash of clans accounts get deleted?

1 Answer. No, no one can report/request a delete on your account for inactivity. Supercell will not delete your base or remove it. It will just sit and wait for the owner to eventually come back on.

Can I unban my COC account?

Although bans on Supercell games are non-negotiable, you can get unbanned from other games that allow you to appeal. A professionally written suspension appeal can increase your chances of getting unbanned, and DoNotPay will help you draft the letter.