Is Cisco in Singapore?

Is Cisco in Singapore?

Cisco is committed to helping Singapore businesses To help organizations cope with the guidelines imposed by the government in line with the COVID-19 outbreak, we are providing free Webex Meetings licenses to support Singaporeans with business continuity and remote learning.

Is Certis Cisco same as Cisco?

Cisco, the biggest security provider in Singapore, will now be known as Certis Cisco.

What does the company Cisco do?

CISCO SYSTEMS INC. IS THE WORLDWIDE LEADER in networking for the Internet. Cisco’s networking solutions connect people, computing devices and computer networks, allowing people to access or transfer information without regard to differences in time, place or type of computer system.

Is Cisco a private company?

On February 16, 1990, Cisco Systems went public with a market capitalization of $224 million, and was listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Why do people use Cisco?

Cisco products are designed to improve productivity and customer experience. Cisco network switches provide application visibility and control, as well as intelligent traffic management to help prioritise business-critical traffic over recreational traffic.

How to contact Cisco worldwide support in Indonesia?

021-30049100 (Interlocal charges apply outside Jakarta region.) 0120-608-802 (Domestic toll-free call.) 03-6434-6683 (toll call.) 0066-33-800-926 (Domestic toll-free call. Not applicable for IP phones.)

How to contact Cisco support in the US?

US/Canada. 1 800 553 2447. 1 408 526 7209. Worldwide. See country listings below (by region). Overview. Cisco provides around-the-clock, award-winning technical support services, online and over the phone to all customers, partners, resellers, and distributors who hold valid Cisco service contracts.

What do you need to know about Cisco experience centers?

A collaborative and interactive personalized experience built around your needs and goals. Additional questions? Participate in demonstrations showcasing Cisco technologies that revolutionize business. We will work with you and your account team to tailor your specific business and IT needs.

What are the benefits of being a Cisco Partner?

The Cisco Channel Partner Program offers solutions, training, tools, and support to help you and your customers rise above the competition. With the Cloud and Managed Services Program, you can build and deliver managed and cloud services. Build, test, market, and sell your hardware and software solutions.