Is Blindspotting becoming a series?

Is Blindspotting becoming a series?

Blindspotting is an American comedy-drama television series, and a spin-off sequel of the 2018 film of the same name. Keith Calder, a producer on the original film, is also an executive producer, with Casal also acting as showrunner. It premiered on June 13, 2021 on Starz.

Will Blindspotting be on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Blindpsotting is not one of the many exemplary options available on Netflix. While it is definitely not great that Blindspotting isn’t one of the many choices Netflix has to offer, it is important to recall there are other shows that would be a great fit for subscribers.

What happened to Colin in Blindspotting series?

Collin is not in the episodes given to critics (though his absence is explained), and Miles is arrested for drug possession in the opening scene, appearing briefly in prison visits and fantasy sequences.

Where is Blindspotting filmed?

Production on the show was based primarily in Los Angeles, but many outdoor scenes were filmed on location in Oakland. Many members of the cast and crew are Bay Area locals as well, and said they were excited to showcase their city on the small screen.

Why do they dance in Blindspotting?

Dance and music play a key role in the series alongside the spoken word, with sequences meant to be evocative and used to enhance the characters’ emotions.

Did Blindspotting win any awards?

The film received positive reviews from critics, and at the 34th Independent Spirit Awards, was nominated for Best Male Lead for Diggs’ performance, while López Estrada earned a Directors Guild of America Award nomination for Outstanding Directing – First-Time Feature Film….

Box office $5 million

What year did Blindspotting come out?

27 July 2018 (USA)
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Is Blindspotting on prime video?

Watch Blindspotting (4K UHD) | Prime Video.

Why did Miles go to jail Blindspotting?

The Starz show follows Ashley as she navigates raising her son after her partner of 12 years, Miles (Casal) is incarcerated for drugs. With Cephas Jones taking center stage it was an opportunity to explore the world of being a single mother, as well as show the relationship between Ashley and Miles.

What are they filming in West Oakland?

In a few weeks, West Oakland residents will begin seeing a film production crew working around their neighborhoods. They’ll be filming “Blindspotting,” a TV series that will debut on Starz. The show is a spinoff of the acclaimed 2018 film of the same name.

What does the term Blindspotting mean?

For Blindspotting, that means shifting the lead role to Ashley. But it also means telling a different kind of story which is less about male-male bonding and tension, and more about family and community.

Is Blindspotting a good show?

Blindspotting is a high-quality, ambitious show, and it makes a number of dramatic stylistic choices, with varying success. A film-to-TV adaptation done right. Blindspotting may have started off as Daveed and Casal’s baby but this is Jasmine Cephas Jones’ show both figuratively and literally.