Is AGU 2021 Virtual?

Is AGU 2021 Virtual?

AGU Fall Meeting 2021 will be held in-person in New Orleans, Louisiana as well as online everywhere from 13-17 December.

How many abstracts can I submit to AGU?

First authors can have a maximum of one contributed and one invited abstract or two invited abstracts. The only exemption to this policy is the submission of one additional contributed abstract to a GeoHealth (GH) session, Education (ED) session, Science and Society (SY) session, or, for 2020, a COVID-19 session.

How do you cite abstracts in Agu?

You can cite your AGU Fall Meeting abstract in the following format: Author(s) (2019), Title, Abstract [Final paper number, ex: A14B-1234] presented at 2019 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, CA, 9-13 Dec.

How much is AGU membership?

AGU membership categories Dues: $20/year. Standard membership: For a post-graduate actively engaged in research, or in a career in Earth and space science. Dues: $50/year. Associate membership: For those with a personal interest in Earth and space science.

What does AGU stand for?

American Geophysical Union

Front entrance to AGU building
Abbreviation AGU
Formation 1919
Type Scientific society
Tax ID no. 52-0955532

How do I renew my AGU membership?

Visit https://www.agu.org/login to renew your membership today.

What is AGU format?

AGU follows American Psychological Association (APA) style on grammar, punctuation, table formatting, citations, and references.

How do you become a member of AGU?

Any individual who is professionally engaged in or associated with the Earth and space sciences may become an AGU Member.

  1. Dues: $50 per year.
  2. Dues: $50 per year.
  3. Dues: $20 per year.
  4. Life membership is available to any individual who qualifies as an AGU Member, and chooses to make a one-time membership dues payment.

How many people go to AGU?

More than 24,000 attendees from 113 countries are expected to attend the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting. The AGU Fall Meeting brings together leaders from academia, government, and the private sector to examine and discuss the latest research and scientific developments in Earth and space science.

What causes Aspartylglucosaminuria?

Aspartylglucosaminuria is an autosomal recessive genetic condition that is inherited from both parents. The AGU patient is born with two copies of the mutated AGA gene. One copy comes from the mother’s egg and the other copy comes from the father’s sperm.

How do I join AGU?

Join / Renew Join online right now or download the Membership Application and mail it in to experience everything AGU membership has to offer! Sign in at the Member Login prompt to: View your member status. Update your address.

How do you cite AGU?

Use the following template to cite a journal using the AGU citation style. Template: Author Surname, Author Initial. (Year Published), Title, Publication Title, Volume number(Issue number), Pages Used, doi:DOI Number.