Is 20 miles per gallon in city Good?

Is 20 miles per gallon in city Good?

Best Fuel-Efficient SUVs, Trucks, and Vans Don’t expect to attain higher than 20 mpg overall with a non-hybrid, and most offer less than 30 mpg on the highway. The best fuel-efficient non-electric vehicles get the following EPA-estimated combined numbers: Small SUV: Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD gets 40 mpg.

How much MPG does a V6 get?

The 6-cylinder model offers 20 city and 30 highway MPG.

How many miles per gallon does a Chrysler get?

Chrysler 300 Miles Per Gallon The base edition of the Chrysler 300, with the V6 engine, receives 19 MPG city/30 MPG highway. This is solid for a larger sedan, and keeps you away from the pump if you do a lot of highway driving. The V8, meanwhile, earns 16 MPG city/25 MPG highway.

What is a good MPG city Hwy?

Used Cars with Good MPG While the Prius gets around 60 mpg, something that gets at least 30 mpg might classify as good. Here are some cars that get at least 30 mpg from the last few years: 2014 BMW 328i (35 mpg highway, $21,000) 2014 Honda Accord LX (36 mpg city and highway, $14,000)

What kind of engine does a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country have?

The 3.8-liter engine is optional in the LXi. During the 2001 model year, two-wheel-drive Limiteds will get a standard 230-hp version of the 3.5-liter overhead-cam V-6 from Chrysler’s 300M and LHS Sedans. The new engine will be the most powerful V-6 offered in a minivan.

What kind of V6 does a Chrysler Town and Country have?

In Canada, Town & Country models came standard with the 3.8 L V6 and were offered only in long-wheelbase (LWB) versions. In 1999, Chrysler presented a concept minivan, the Pacifica using the Town & Country’s body shell and bearing resemblance to the Town & Country and the LHS .

When did the Dodge Town and Country come out?

Luxury is the byword for the Town & Country, which first joined the Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager in Chrysler’s minivan lineup in 1990. The 2001 redesigns did not produce as much of a forward leap as the 1996 restyling, and competition has stiffened considerably since then.