How to troubleshoot a Boyer ignition?

How to troubleshoot a Boyer ignition?

Often what appears to be a Boyer failure can be traced to a corroded connection. Before assuming your Boyer has failed, pull apart and reinsert all of the connections used in your motorcycle ignition electrical system. Especially important to check are the connections for the Black/White and Black/Yellow wires.

How do you check a Boyer ignition?

Disconnect the wires from the ignition box that go to the stator plate. With the ignition on, touch these two wires together, making and breaking should produce a spark at the spark plugs. If sparks are present then the ignition box is most likely to be in good order, if none are present the box is faulty.

How to troubleshoot a Boyer ignition control box?

To see typical coil resistances click here. If the bike is running on one cylinder this is not a problem caused by the Boyer control box. Check each coil, plug wire, and spark plug individually. To individually check each coil, you will need to rewire the Boyer box wiring (black and red wires) so they go to one coil.

What are the most common problems with a Triumph Bonneville?

1 Downshifting Problems 2 Starting Problems 3 Loud Squealing Brake Pads 4 Exhaust Popping On Deceleration 5 Cam Cover Gasket Oil Leak 6 Corrosion Issues

What kind of ignition system do I need for a triumph?

Micro MKIV/MKIII ignition for Norton Jubilee / Navigator 12 volt (modification required to fit). Micro MKIV/MKIII Ignition System for unit construction single cylinder 4-stroke Triumph / BSA engines with 12 volt electrics and side points. Micro MKIV/MKIII Ignition system for 12v Triumph / BSA twin cylinder motorcycles.

Can a Boyer ignition be used on twins?

The Boyer ignitions can be used on motors with twin plug heads. On singles use two single lead coils. On twins use two dual lead coils. On twins it is important to cross the leads having one lead of each coil going to each cylinder. This has one of each coil’s leads on the cylinder under compression and the other lead on the cylinder that is not.