How to get the best coaches in FM 2012-football manager?

How to get the best coaches in FM 2012-football manager?

My recommendation is to have at least 5 coaches, 2 fitness coaches and 2 goalkeeping coaches and assign them according to their attributes in your training screen by clicking on the “coaches” tab. The goal is to have as many stars as possible for each training category.

How to create 5 star training-football manager 2021?

A great goalkeeping coach always needs the attribute Goalkeeper Training. So that is the attribute he needs for this calculation for both goalkeeping areas Shot Stopping, Handling and Distribution. If the outcome is 360 or higher; the coach will get 5 stars.

Which is the best training method in football manager?

This is called the 5 star training method. Looking for an updated guide for FM21? Check our new guide including a calculator! Coaches in Football Manager receive an amount of stars for a training category. 5 star training is the best you can get and 1 star is the worst.

What do tactics coaches need for 5 star training?

A Tactics coach always needs the attribute Tactical . So this is needed for the calculation. If you want 5 star training, the outcome needs to be 90 or higher. If the coach scores lower he will get: A ball control coach needs the attribute Technique. So that is the attribute he needs for this calculation.

Which is the best football manager 2012 Wonderkids?

Easily the most in-depth and well-presented list of the best young players in Football Manager 2012. This is the successor of what has been the best list of FM 2011 wonderkids. That list received over 2 million views and is considered the most popular single article around the scene, by far.

Which is the best defender in football manager?

Now, to assign the best defending roles that can match any possession tactic, you have to select the ones that explore the mental and technical attributes. In general, the best role that best suits well here is the Ball Playing Defender role; the Central Defender role can also work a bit.

How to choose the best football coaching staff?

(These recommend attributes will help you to filter in the staff search the coaches that will have the highest star rating for each area of coaching. Reputation and personality of each coach also has a bearing on the star rating) N.B. Determination, Level of Discipline & Motivation are key attributes for all coaches.