How to beat Omegon on poptropica?

How to beat Omegon on poptropica?

How do I defeat Omegon in his final form? Use World Guy’s shield to redirect the lasers at the battery on one of his hands. When the hand drops, jump onto it and use the Electron Pulse to turn it back on and ride to the top of the screen.

How do you copy someone’s outfit on Poptropica 2021?

Costumizer Tool Simply click on the Shirt Icon in the top right corner, then click on the character you want to copy clothing from. If you click on an accessory on your avatar, it will be removed from your avatar.

Can you still steal outfits in Poptropica?

Is it possible to copy clothing from in-game characters? You can, just some of the items you equip will not work. Also, items that you retrieve on a specific island can only be used on that island.

Where can I find all the walkthroughs for Poptropica?

Here is a list of all the island walkthrough guides we have on our site! You can find each and every island here and if for some reason the one you are looking for is missing, leave a comment to let us know! Early Poptropica – The first Island in Poptropica where people have been getting stuff stolen from them and you have to get it back!

Where do you get the Power Gem in Poptropica?

Whoever reaches the water tower at the top of the building wins! This is easier than expected; climb the first flight of stairs, then crawl up the gutter pipe on the left side of the building. Jump off the clothesline to reach the top, then jump up the water tower. You can now wield the Power Gem and zoom around with a cool trail!

What do you need to get the goatee in Poptropica?

Here’s the parts you need: The goatee from the last man in the Entrance line. The blue tunic from the girl by Ye Olde Forge of Finery (left of main center). The helmet+hair from the last guy in the bathroom line. The gray cape from the second-last girl in the bathroom line.

How do you fix shark tooth in Poptropica?

Shark Tooth – The citizens of this island are have shark problems and it is up to you to fix it. You may get to save some people while you are at it. Time Tangled – History has been hanged because of a messed up time machine. Use the time machine to go back in time to fix it!