How the Instagram Follow and Unfollow Method Works

How the Instagram Follow and Unfollow Method Works

What if I told you that one of the most powerful ways to build up your Instagram account is to simply just follow people? That’s all you need to do.

I know it sounds crazy, right, because it seems so easy. Well, don’t get too excited. While it’s true that when you follow 100 accounts chances are you will get about 15 to 20 accounts following you back. But here’s the problem. A lot of those people are following you back because of just sheer gratitude.

In other words, one good turn deserves another. They don’t really care about your content. They don’t really care about your account. All they care about is that you did them a good turn so they’re just going to return the favor. Let me tell you, people who follow you back automatically will probably not be your customers.

The reason why you put up your Instagram account in the first place is because you want to make money. That much is obvious so do yourself a big favor follow the steps below to maximize the value of the follow and unfollow method if you’re serious about building your Instagram following.

First, you need to follow only the right accounts. In other words, follow the right accounts that focus on the same type of content that your account posts. Forget about the other accounts.

Second, avoid accounts that are so popular that they attract a wide range of people. If you’re following celebrity accounts and you’re trying to get followers from those accounts, forget it.

Those accounts attract a wide range of people with many different interests and those people may really not be all that interested in what you have to offer. Focus instead on very small niche specific accounts.

Third, make sure your content is top-notch. You have to understand that when you follow an account, you are only given one opportunity to impress that potential follower. If they like your content, there’s a good chance that they would not only engage in your materials by leaving a comment or a like, but they might even follow your account.

To maximize this possibility, make sure you post only the best content. I’m talking about clear, well-produced and highly relevant photos and videos.

Finally, make sure you get social proof, you can easily do that with BuzzVoice. I’m talking about buying Instagram likes for your photo content or purchasing video views for your video materials. How come?

Well, lets put it this way. If you end up at an account that you haven’t visited before and you see all sorts of content, you might think there’s something wrong if it doesn’t have any engagement. Now, at the back of your head, you’re thinking no matter how good looking these materials may be, there’s something wrong with them because nobody’s liking them. Nobody’s leaving a comment. Nobody is doing anything. Do you see how this works?

So, remove that initial level of skepticism and suspicion in the minds of your new potential followers by investing in social proof.