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How tall is blackout in Transformers?

How tall is blackout in Transformers?

33 feet 5 inches tall
Blackout can carry Scorponok on his back, as seen in both the film and the game. According to his profile in the second issue of the U.K. Transformers magazine, Blackout stands 33 feet 5 inches tall, weighs 2.9 tons and has a maximum speed of 800 mph.

What is the difference between Grindor and blackout?

Blackout was the guy who collects information and supplies it to his team. Grindor is just a soldier that assists his boss in fights.

What vehicle is Grindor?

The reason they made Grindor use a CH-53E Super Stallion instead of a MH-53 Pave Low IV is probably because by the time Revenge of the Fallen was made, the Pave Low was obsolete.

Is blackout a Decepticon?

Blackout is a Decepticon from the Transformers portion of the live-action film series continuity family. He would appreciate you not trying to shoot him in the crotch. Really, he would.

Who is the helicopter Transformer?

Blackout was a member of the Decepticon Destruction Team and transformed into a helicopter. He was able to combine with his team to form a limb of the giant robot, Bruticus Maximus.

How tall is Optimus Prime feet?

Despite no longer being a member, he maintains his military ranking of “Prime”. The scale chart released for the series indicates Optimus Prime stands about 22 feet tall.

What type of helicopter is Grindor?

Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low
Legends Grindor is a small and highly simplified version of the character, featuring limited articulation and detail, with the helicopter mode not being a particularly faithful recreation of a Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low heavy-lift helicopter.

Who killed blackout transformers?

Captain Lennox
Blackout noticed that the lasers and attacked the humans, but Captain Lennox charged at him with a motorcycle and fired a sabot round into his crotch. Blackout was then pounded with fire from the F-22s. All this was too much for Blackout and he collapsed, dead.

How tall is Grindor in the Transformers game?

Grindor is stated to be 33 feet tall. Despite that being his height in the game, one can see that during the Forest Battle, he is clearly much taller than Megatron (Who is 35 feet tall) and about twice the size of Optimus, who is 28 feet tall, thus making him about 55 feet tall.

How tall is Grindor in Revenge of the fallen?

Despite being called “Grindor” in the Revenge of the Fallen game, internal files identify him Blackout, possibly indicating the game had been developed with the understanding that they were the same character. In the Revenge of the Fallen DVD extra, it is Blackout, who is 33-foot tall, stood next to Megatron instead of Grindor.

Who are Grindor’s friends in Transformers The Armada?

Grindor is a Mini-Con from the Unicron Trilogy continuity family. Grindor is a very creative Mini-Con, which is probably what led him to choose his skateboard alternate mode. He lets his friends like Carlos Lopez, and Kicker Jones use his skateboard mode to pull off wicked tricks, which he usually enjoys.

What did Grindor do to Optimus Prime in Transformers?

Grindor captured the humans’ escape vehicle and brought it to an abandoned industrial facility where Starscream and Megatron were waiting. While Grindor waited outside, Megatron and Scalpel interrogated the boy, preparing to extract the information by removing his brain, a process that was interrupted by the arrival of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.