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How strong is solpadeine plus?

How strong is solpadeine plus?

No more than two capsules per dose. No more than eight capsules in 24 hours. Solpadeine Plus Contains: Each capsule contains Paracetamol 500mg and Codeine Phosphate hemihydrate 12.8mg per capsule.

Is solpadeine good for flu symptoms?

Solpadeine Headache contains a dual action formula, Paracetamol and Caffeine, for fast and effective pain relief. Suitable for headaches, migraine, backache, toothache, rheumatic pain and dysmenorrhoea, and relief of the symptoms of colds, flu, and sore throats.

Can you buy solpadeine Plus over-the-counter?

Solpadeine Plus is one of the most popular over-the-counter pain medications in the UK. It contains paracetamol, codeine, and caffeine to offer fast relief of many different types of pain. Solpadeine Plus can be purchased online at The Independent Pharmacy after the completion of the online consultation.

How much solpadeine Plus should I take?

Adults and children aged 12 years and over: Swallow 2 capsules every 4 hours as needed. Solpadeine Plus Capsules should not be taken by children below the age of 12 years, due to the risk of severe breathing problems • This medicine should not be taken for more than 3 days.

Can Solpadeine be online?

Can you buy solpadeine Plus over the counter?

Can I buy Solpadeine over-the-counter?

“So if you are prescribed Solpadeine capsules you can buy a box of 32 for a little over €4 whereas if you want them over-the-counter they will cost you over €5 for 24.

Can you buy Solpadeine at chemist?

Where to buy Solpadeine. Solpadeine Plus and Solpadeine Max are available to buy in pharmacies across the UK. Solpadeine Headache is available to purchase in pharmacies and supermarkets.

Is Solpadeine Max the same as co-codamol?

Co-codamol for pain relief Codipar, Kapake, Panadol Ultra, Paracodol, Solpadol, Solpadeine Max, Tylex, Zapain. This medicine contains an opioid painkiller (codeine). There is a serious risk of addiction when taking this medicine, especially if used long-term.

Can solpadeine be online?