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How old is Soorya Gayathri?

How old is Soorya Gayathri?

Sooryagayathri, the 12-year-old Carnatic YouTube sensation who has notched up millions of views and fans, is being groomed to fill the vacuum left by none less than the legendary MS Subbulakshmi.

Who is Surya Gayatri?

Sooryagayathri, the young vocalist, hailing from a small village in Vadakara has taken the social media by storm and her YouTube videos have garnered more than 150 million viewers.

What is the mother tongue of Sid Sriram?

Sid Sriram was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India to Tamil family. He moved with his parents to California when he was a year old, and he grew up in Fremont. His musical skills were nurtured by his mother, Latha Sriram, a carnatic music teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Who is better Sid Sriram or Arijit Singh?

The versatile voice of the music industry, Arijit Singh is one of the best we have ever had. He sings majorly in Hindi and Bengali, as well as many other regional languages. Sid Sriram has won several awards and is popularly known for his Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada music.

How old is Sooryagayathri, classical Bhajan singer?

Sooryagayathri is a 13 years charming, young girl with a golden voice who is capturing the hearts of music lovers across the globe.

Who is Gayatri and what kind of music does she sing?

Gayatri is a person who is influenced by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and she is an active member of the Art of Living foundation. She is also a Hindustani classical music singer, a Bhajan singer and has given Hindustani concerts and programs based on film songs abroad.

Who is Sooryagayathri and who is her mentor?

Sooryagayathri hails from the village of Purameri in Vadakara, North Kerala. She is formally trained in Carnatic music by Smt. Anandi and Sri Nishanth. Sri Kuldeep M Pai has been her mentor both musically and spiritually whose guidance has helped her navigate her role as an outstanding musician.

Where is the village of Sooryagayathri in Kerala?

She is an abundantly blessed singer whose Bhava- filled, soulful singing has been compared to that of the doyen of music- M.S. Subbulakshmi herself. Sooryagayathri hails from the village of Purameri in Vadakara, North Kerala.