How old is LyondellBasell?

How old is LyondellBasell?

About 14 years (2007)

LyondellBasell was formed in December 2007 by the acquisition of Lyondell Chemical Company by Basell Polyolefins for $12.7 billion. As of 2016, Lyondell was the third largest independent chemical manufacturer in the United States.

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Who are LyondellBasell competitors?

LyondellBasell’s competitors LyondellBasell’s top competitors include Braskem, Honeywell UOP, BASF Catalysts, SABIC, Borealis, RPM International, Eastman and Huntsman Corporation. LyondellBasell is a company operating as a manufacturer of chemicals and polymers.

How big is the LyondellBasell plant in Houston?

LyondellBasell’s Channelview Complex is one of the largest petrochemical facilities on the Gulf Coast, covering an area of almost 4,000 acres. Our Channelview plant, about 20 miles east of downtown Houston, has been part of the North Channel community since 1957. Today, the Channelview Complex comprises an area of almost 4,000 acres…

What do you need to know about LyondellBasell Industries?

You must provide a password. LyondellBasell is one of the largest plastics, chemicals and refining companies in the world. Every day, our employees work around the clock to reliably and safely deliver the chemicals , polymers , fuels and technologies that advance solutions to our world’s biggest challenges.

Who is Nancy Ross at lyondellbasell.com?

Whether used to supply the necessities of modern life or some of the first convenience products needed in developing countries, our products help enhance the quality of life for people around the world. Please contact Nancy Ross at 281-452-8722 for hardcopies of the application.

How big is the olefin plant in Channelview?

Today, the Channelview Complex comprises an area of almost 4,000 acres with two large manufacturing facilities and a workforce of more than 1,900 people. Two olefin units at the north side facility manufacture ethylene, propylene, butadiene and benzene.