How old is Kevin Ungaro?

How old is Kevin Ungaro?

53 years (November 18, 1967)
Keven Undergaro/Age

Who is Kevin undergo?

Medford, Massachusetts, U.S. Keven Undergaro (born November 18, 1967) is the creator of online broadcast network AfterBuzz TV as well as being a writer and producer for film and television.

Who is Maria Munoz husband?

Keven Undergarom. 2017
Maria Menounos/Husband

Who is Marina Maria Menounos married to?

Maria Menounos/Spouse

Did Maria Menounos have a brain tumor?

Menounos was diagnosed with a benign tumor, called hemangioma, in 2017. She shared in the YouTube video that she and her mother both recovered from surgeries together. “It’s been a crazy few years for us but mom has been a total miracle,” she continued.

How did Maria Menounos lose weight?

Menounos lost the first 20 pounds in about five months all by herself. “I worked on everything I ate for a week – every single thing,” she explained. “I realized, ‘OK, my problem is carbs. ‘ So I started to cut back on my carbs and started replacing [them] with better food.

Why can’t Maria Menounos have children?

Since Menounos had a benign brain tumor removed in 2017, they had to consult doctors about pursuing a pregnancy. “We definitely want children,” said Undergaro at the time. “But I’m very concerned about her going through a pregnancy, and I would like to explore [using a] surrogate because her body has been through hell.

What is up with Maria Menounos laugh?

While the exact source of Menounos’ laugh is unclear, she traces it back to a family trip. When she was only ten years old, Menounos’ family went on a trip to Greece. “I hung out with goats all the time,” she said when explaining her laugh.

Does Maria Menounos drink?

Often when we think we are hungry, we are actually just dehydrated. However, I take what the experts say and go one step further: I don’t just drink water. I drink hot water.

Why did Maria Menounos leave E?

The news comes as Menounos revealed in this week’s People magazine that she was diagnosed with a golf-ball-size brain tumor and underwent a seven-hour surgery in June to remove the benign tumor. Menounos is leaving E! News to focus on her health and well-being, a story posted to E! Online added.

Can Maria Menounos get pregnant?

Menounos later clarified to PEOPLE that she and Undergaro, 53, weren’t quite expecting just yet. “We are still in progress, not pregnant yet!” she said in January. Menounos and Undergaro opened up to PEOPLE in 2018 about starting a family, sharing at the time that they were considering surrogacy.

Is Maria Menounos single?

Personal life. Menounos has been in a relationship with director and producer Keven Undergaro since April 1998. On March 9, 2016, Undergaro proposed to her live on The Howard Stern Show and Menounos accepted. In June 2017, she underwent surgery for meningioma, a benign intracranial tumor.

Who is Maria Menounos dating?

Maria Menounos has been dating her boyfriend Keven Undergaro for over 15 years. Read on for the details on the man who’s captured Menounos’ heart.

Who are Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro married to?

Maria Menounos’s husband is Keven Undergaro. They got married in 1998. Maria had at least 2 relationship in the past. Maria Menounos has not been previously engaged. She is the daughter of Greek immigrant parents, and has a younger brother. She became engaged to Keven Undergaro in 2016 after they began dating in 1998.

How did Maria Menounos pay off her bet?

Maria Menounos Pays Off Her Bikini Bet! – YouTube Maria Menounos Pays Off Her Bikini Bet! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer.

When did Maria Menounos and Steve Harvey get married?

The pair dated for nearly twenty years before tying the knot on live TV during the New Year’s Eve festivities for the 2017-2018 New Year. Maria Menounos will be hosting FOX’s New Year’s Eve festivities alongside co-host Steve Harvey.