How much should decking cost UK?

How much should decking cost UK?

You should expect decking installation costs to be between £800 and £1200 for 15m² of softwood decking. The cost of composite decking or hardwood decking will be slightly higher (between £1400 and £2200).

How much is decking per sqm?

The cost of decking will depend on several factors, including the size of your garden, the materials you use, your location and more. The price of your decking will depend on your own budget, although a typical price is usually around £80 per square metre including material, installation, labour costs and more.

How much should decking cost?

Hiretrades.com.au provides the following estimate showing that the most expensive labour will be found in New South Wales, while the least costly is Western Australia….How Much Does It Cost to Build a Deck by Size?

Deck size Average deck pricing range
20 square metres $3,800 – $5,300
30 square metres $4,000 – $6,800

How much does wood decking cost?

Cost of Wood Decking

Wood Decking Costs Zip Code
Basic Best
Wood Decking – Installation Cost $475.00 – $525.00 $675.00 – $725.00
Wood Decking – Total $800.00 – $875.00 $1010.00 – $1100.00
Wood Decking – Total Average Cost per square foot $8.38 $10.55

How much is a 20×20 deck?

A 20×20 deck using the same material would cost $12,000 to $14,000. A 16×20 deck using premium wood or wood composites would cost $11,200 to $19,200. A 20×20 deck using premium materials would cost $14,000 to $24,000.

How much does a wood deck cost in 2021?

On average, builders charge $35 per sq. Labor charges for building a standard, rectangular wood deck (10×12) are around $1,500, while custom designs can easily reach $5,500 and up. When you add the cost of materials, depending on the wood you select, you are looking to spend between $5,000-15,000 on a wood deck.

How much is wood decking per square foot?

One of the greatest factors when pricing a covered deck will be the materials. Pressure treated wood, for example, can cost as little as $5 per square foot, whereas composite decking can be your costliest option, retailing for as much as $25+ per square foot.

How much does a wooden deck cost?

A hardwood deck can cost $40-$80 or more a square foot ($12,800-$25,600 for 16’x20′). Hardwoods are typically considered more beautiful and more durable than other lumber, but are also more expensive.

What is a wood deck?

Wood Decking. Wood decking is created using structural boards or planks and attaching them to joists, beams, rafters, or trusses to form a floor or roof surface. Similar to sheathing, the boards act to provide lateral support to the structure and carry the live and dead loads from above to the floor or roof structure below.