How much is a Saucon Valley Country Club membership?

How much is a Saucon Valley Country Club membership?

The costs to join the Saucon Valley Country Club, as with any country club, will greatly depend on the type of membership you sign up for. According to this job posting, the initiation fees are said to be $30,000 and the annual dues are $11,500 ($958/month) for a full membership option.

How many courses does Saucon Valley have?

Welcome to Saucon Valley Three 18-hole championship golf courses provide unique and varied play, while a six-hole course introduces the novice.

How much does it cost to join Willamette Valley Country Club?

Monthly dues are $355, and there is also a quarterly food minimum of $135. Willamette Valley CC, founded in 1962, offers an 18-hole championship golf course, two restaurants for both formal and casual dining, and a full complement of golf instruction and practice facilities, as well as a junior golf program.

What County is Saucon Valley Country club?

Lehigh County
Saucon Valley Country Club

Club information
Location Upper Saucon Township, Lehigh County, at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA postal address
Established 1920
Type Private
Total holes 60

How much does it cost to join the Oregon Golf Club?

Membership prices range from $35 to $125, depending on how and which club you join. Your individual contribution to the OGA is $35, that serves as your annual membership dues. Those dues come out of the price of payment to your member club.

What are the benefits of a country club?

Here are some of our favorite advantages of joining a country club:

  • Golf Course Access. One of the best benefits of a country club membership is often the golf itself.
  • Tennis, Swimming and Other Amenities.
  • Community and Socializing.
  • Private Restaurants and Lounges.
  • Event Spaces.
  • Golf Lessons and Tournaments.

Who owns the Oregon Golf Club?

Designed by Peter Jacobsen / Kenneth Kauanaugh, the Oregon golf course opened in 1992. American Golf Corporation manages this facility, with Roger Aggson as the General Manager.

When did Oregon Golf Club open?

Opened in 1992 on property that was a cattle ranch and Christmas tree farm (and in 1986 was slated to be a garbage dump). In 1995, Golf Digest listed the course as one of the top 10 courses in Oregon (but in 1994, The Oregonian listed the 9th hole as one of the nine worst holes in Oregon).

How much is a membership at Pumpkin Ridge?

Pumpkin Ridge offers two different memberships: a $40,000 membership that allows members to receive 50 percent back if they leave, or a $25,000 membership that is not refunded upon departure. Monthly dues are $340; members can play at both courses.