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How much is a day old layer in Nigeria?

How much is a day old layer in Nigeria?

Generally, a day-old layer chick sells for between N300 – N400, depending on where you are buying from and the number you are looking to purchase. For the purpose of this article, we can settle for one one-day-old layer chick to cost N330.

How much are layer chicks South Africa?

From chicks to chickens The broiler market – chickens for meat – or the layer market – these are chickens that lay eggs. Depending on where you are in the country, a box of 100 day-old chicks will cost you between R850 to R950.

How much is a day old layer chick in Ghana?

Price list of day old chicks

Layer Local GHS 5.5
Layer Imported GHS 8

What is the price of layer chicks?

Requirements and rate for the chicks=Rs 15/chick. Cost of the chicks = Rs 1,50,000.

How do you train a day old layer?

Feeds and Water Management

  1. Give them at least 2% calcium for 2weeks after birth.
  2. Feed them with starter feed for 8weeks.
  3. Serve them two or three times daily till they are 18weeks old.
  4. Serve them layer poultry feed according to their age and weight.
  5. Don’t decrease their feed while laying (even if their weight increase)

How much does it cost to raise 100 chickens?

As per a rough idea, the total annual cost of one hundred chickens would cost around $6900, and the amount you would get as a reward for keeping these chickens would be $1500.

How much is a chicken in Ghana?

Food prices from our Cost of Living Section

Markets Edit
Chicken Fillets (1 lb) 11.44₵
Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 11.86₵
Apples (1 lb) 7.42₵
Banana (1 lb) 4.25₵

What is the price of a chick?

Questions & Answers on Poultry Farm Chicks

Gender Min Price Max Price
Both Rs 15/Piece Rs 100/Piece
Male Rs 15/Piece Rs 48/Piece
Female Rs 167/Piece Rs 300/Piece

How much does a day old chick cost?

Price list of day old chicks BIRD TYPE PRICE FARM Layer Local GHS 5.5 Darko farms Layer Imported GHS 8 Darko farms

What kind of chicks are day old chicks?

Day old chicks , broilers, layers, ducklings, goslings and more… We have day old broiler , layer chicks , ducklings and goslings for sale every week. Breeds we offer include Ross308. Boschvelder, Rhode Island Reds, Potch Koekkoek, Australorps, Hylines and Lohman Browns.

How old are layer chicks when they hatch?

One day old Hy-Line Brown chicks available,they can be raised as layer or roadrunner,they produce 355 rich brown eggs to 80 weeks.the chicks are de-beaked we… Vaccinated against mareks & newcastle disease virus (ndv) ( chicks nd & ib sprays chick box).Breed type s cobb 500/700, ross 308, hubbard, novogen, hy-line &…

How big is a day old layer egg?

Available now are day old broiler chicks, layer and broiler hatching eggs cobb 500/700 and ross 308. Packing 100 chicks per box .Our egg sizes 53 to 68 grams…