How much does Vienna International School cost?

How much does Vienna International School cost?

Based on the fees published for academic year 2021/2022

Type of Fee Term of Fee Price (EUR)
Application Fee One-Time Fee €520
Capital Fee One-Time Fee €4,000
Deposit One-Time Fee €500 ‡
Tuition Fee Annual €12,916

Does Vienna have good schools?

Set within the rich cultural context of Austria and beauty of the Vienna Woods, The American International School · Vienna is one of the top international schools in the country.

How many international schools are there in Austria?

One of the world’s wealthiest countries by per capita GDP, Austria hosts a vibrant international school sector centred on its capital Vienna, while most other major cities have at least one school. There are 16 IB World Schools, which all teach in English.

Which district is Vienna International School?

22nd district
Vienna International School (VIS) moved to its campus in Vienna’s 22nd district, mere 10 minutes away from the city centre, in 1984.

Is school free in Vienna?

Austria has a free and public school system, and nine years of education are mandatory. The city’s day-care centres and private institutions offer child-care for more than 67,000 children. All compulsory schools in Vienna are equipped with computers and are linked to the Vienna education network via the Internet.

Are there English speaking schools in Austria?

Offers a full co-educational U.S. curriculum from kindergarten through 12th grade. The director, the majority of the faculty and about one-half of the student body are American. While using the latest U.S. teaching techniques, the school also uses local cultural resources.

How many schools are in Vienna?

Established in 1365, the University of Vienna is Austria’s oldest and largest university. Private schools that provide primary and secondary education and some teacher training are run mainly by the Roman Catholic Church and account for approximately 10 percent of the 6,800 schools and 120,000 teachers.

How many schools are there in Vienna Austria?

State and public secondary schools Austria has around 1,200 public secondary schools and 72 private secondary schools that receive government support. In addition, there are 270 public academic high schools (and 81 private) as well as 335 public and 158 private vocational institutions.

When was Vienna International School built?

Vienna International School/Founded

Is education free in Austria?

The Republic of Austria has a free and public school system, and nine years of education are mandatory. Schools offer a series of vocational-technical and university preparatory tracks involving one to four additional years of education beyond the minimum mandatory level.

Is high school compulsory in Australia?

School is compulsory until at least the age of 16. Types of schools include government schools, non-government schools (including faith-based schools such as Catholic or Islamic schools) and schools based on educational philosophies such as Montessori and Steiner.

Is university free in Austria?

Why study in Austria Public universities in Austria are free for all EU and EEA citizens; international students only pay around 1,500 EUR per academic year. At universities of applied sciences (UAS), tuition rates vary between 365 and 7,500 EUR depending on the study programme and your nationality.

How does American International School in Vienna work?

We see, think, act, and experience green.Connected to Vienna’s excellent public transportation network, our location on the edge of the Vienna Woods means our students never lack for fresh air and time spent in the great outdoors.

Which is the oldest international school in Vienna?

Founded in 1959, we are the oldest international school in Vienna, with students from over 60 countries. Our internationally-trained faculty serves our multicultural families working in the diplomatic and corporate sectors, in the arts, academia, professional sports, and private business. Computer labs are so 1997.

What do parents say about American International School?

American International School extends warm greetings to all returning and new students. We also extend greetings to all the parents for having placed confidence in us that we, at American International School,… I would like to thank the school for all the academic and personal support that the school provided to my children.

When are May days at American International School?

ACHIEVE. The Middle School held their May Days on May 10 and 11! A great big heartfelt THANK YOU to all parents for the Teacher & Staff Appreciation Luncheon on Tuesday, May 18! Some of our Grade 3 students decided that they wanted to save the world by creating a blog.