How much does GREY Goose cost?

How much does GREY Goose cost?

So, what is the price of Grey Goose compared to other vodkas?

Type Size Price
Grey Goose Vodka 750ml $28.98 – $43.99
1L $39.99 – $57.99
1.75L $53.99 – $75.99
Grey Goose VX 750ml $53.99 – $79.99

What are the sizes of GREY goose?

The Grey Goose vodka is now available in 12 sizes, from 50ml to 4.5L and in 6 flavors and multiple limited editions. All in all, more than 60 different decorated models are produced each year.

How tall is a 1.75 L bottle of GREY goose?


Brand Grey Goose
Manufacturer Grey Goose
Container Type Bottle
Alcohol Proof 80
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 3.96 x 3.96 x 16.55 Inches

How much Grey Goose gets you drunk?

For getting a little drunk, three shots of vodka are enough. If you continue to drink up to 8 to 9 shots, that’s when they start getting more drunk.

Is Grey Goose pure vodka?

What is vodka, really? Grey Goose is fermented winter wheat, grown in the Picardy region of France, that is then distilled to nearly pure alcohol. …

Will 2 shots get me drunk?

If you are a woman, up to 2 to 3 shots of vodka will work fine for you. If you drink up to 5 to 6 shots of vodka glasses, you will start feeling drunk. This is your maximum limit. However, if you drank another, you will be completely drunk, and you will surely have a hangover.

What vodka is better than Grey Goose?

Our pick of the best vodka available to buy today

  1. Black Cow. Another British vodka, but this one’s made from milk.
  2. Belvedere. Award-winning vodka from Poland.
  3. Grey Goose. Goes down incredibly smoothly.
  4. Chase Vodka. A great British vodka.
  5. Ciroc Vodka.
  6. Zubrowka Vodka.
  7. Stolichnaya Vodka.
  8. Absolut Vodka.

Is grey goose considered a good vodka?

Grey Goose is a 40% ABV vodka from France. The vodka is produced by Bacardi & Company Limited and imported by Sidney Frank Importing Company. The quality is considered to be good .

What goes best with Grey Goose?

Fruity Vodka Cocktails with Grey Goose Cosmopolitan. This tart, fruity classic is always a hit at a party. Pomegranate Martini. This variation on a Cosmopolitan uses pomegranate juice for a distinctive sour, slightly floral taste which complements the sweetness of Grey Goose. Caipiroska. Vodka Gimlet. Sea Breeze.

Is grey goose and Kirkland vodka the same?

However, these two are quite different both in price and taste. Kirkland vodka is distilled five times and has a peppercorn bite. On the other hand, Grey Goose has a lemon pith and white pepper flavor. Also, Grey Goose costs three times more than Kirkland vodka. Nevertheless, this article endeavors to discuss the real differences between the two.