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How much does an 18 butterfly valve weight?

How much does an 18 butterfly valve weight?

200.0 lb

Valve Size N/A 18 in450 mm
Dimension K N/A 16.85
Key Size N/A 0.39 x 0.47
Weight N/A 200.0 lb
JEC Part # N/A 30106UC180RS

What makes a butterfly valve high performance?

High Performance Butterfly Valves use a disc offset from the seat center, hence the name Double Offset. In this configuration, the disc is eccentric, or offset, from the valve seat. This feature allows the use of offset butterfly valves in high‐pressure applications such as ethanol or HVAC.

What is a resilient seated butterfly valves?

A Resilient seated butterfly valve is a type of valve which can be used for isolating or regulating flow. A Resilient seated butterfly valve operates in a quarter turn style, meaning that rotating the closed disc 90° will fully open the valve, and vice versa.

How do you service a butterfly valve?

Follow the procedure below:

  1. Turn the disc (2) to closed position.
  2. Remove the taper pins (6) in the disc (2).
  3. Remove the packing gland (7).
  4. Remove the stem (4) by pulling it out through the valve top plate.
  5. Remove the disc (2) from the valve body (1) by pulling or rolling the disc out of the seat bore.

Where is a butterfly valve used?

Meters and Valves Butterfly valves are used where space is limited. Unlike gate valves, butterfly valves can be used for throttling or regulating flow as well as in the full open and fully closed position. The pressure loss through a butterfly valve is small in comparison with the gate valve.

What kind of steel valves does Velan make?

VELAN’S PROFILE Velan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cast and forged steel gate, globe, check, ball, triple-offset, knife gate, highly engineered severe service valves, and steam traps offering superior performance across all major industrial applications including: fossil, nuclear, and cogeneration power; oil and gas;

How many packing rings are required for a velan butterfly valve?

All Standard Velan Butterfly valves require five (5) packing rings. (during assembly verify with draw- ing) For valves equipped with a leak off connec- tion, and Lantern ring seven (7) are required. Four (4) packings are placed below the lantern ring and three (3) above.

How big is a metal seated butterfly valve?

METAL-SEATED BUTTERFLY VALVES. Weight lb kg Wafer Lug. 45 56 20 25 58 72 26 33 67 84 30 38 115 144 52 65 147 184 66 83 229 286 103 129 285 356 129 161 373 466 169 211 476 595 216 270 680 850 308 385 1,056 1,320 479 599 2,141 2,676 970 1213 3,516 4,395 1594 1993. 22.

Where to report serious damage to Velan Valves?

Serious damage should be reported to your local Velan representative or to The Customer Service Manager and also to the Transport Carrier so that a suitable arrangement for repairs can be made without delay. 2.2 QUALITY CONTROL DOCUMENTATION