How much does a Noble M400 cost?

How much does a Noble M400 cost?

1g Racing gets an allotment of six rolling chassis a month, at a price of $66,900; the engine/transaxle configuration adds another $19,000 or so. Installation brings the total to around $95,000, which may seem like a lot for a car that doesn’t come complete from the manufacturer.

What motor is in a noble?

Performance. Like the Noble M10, the Noble M12 is a two-door, two-seat model, originally planned both as a coupé and as a convertible. All M12s have been powered by modified bi-turbocharged Ford Duratec V6 engines.

Is the Noble M400 legal in the US?

Noble Automotive, the Leicestershire-based sports car builder, has sold the manufacturing rights to its M12 cars in the US. The rights have been sold to 1g Racing, based in Ohio, which will now be able to build and sell the M12 (and M12-based M400) in America.

Are Noble cars reliable?

Nobles hold on to their value well, reflecting their credibility among enthusiasts and the fact that, with the right updates, they can be reliable. The very earliest cars dip under £20,000 now, and few Nobles have done big mileages so such cars can be a great buy if there’s evidence of maintenance and bug fixes.

How much horsepower does a Noble M400 have?

Its engine has a maximum power of 425 bhp (431 PS; 317 kW) at 6,500 rpm, with a torque figure of 390 lb⋅ft (529 N⋅m) at 5,000 rpm.

What is the top speed of the M400?

This power and a light weight allow the M400 to achieve a power-to-weight ratio of just over 400 bhp (406 PS; 298 kW)/ton, the figure for which it was named, a 0–60 mph (97 km/h) of 3.2 seconds and a 1⁄4 mile (402 m) time of 11.4 at 119.8 mph (192.8 km/h). Top speed is 187 mph (301 km/h).

What’s the top speed of a noble car?

Noble indicates only that the car is capable of achieving 0–60 mph in under 4 seconds. Its top speed is listed as 185 mph (300 km/h). A top speed of 202 mph (325 km/h) has been achieved by Noble’s former press officer.