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How much does a boxer puppy dog cost?

How much does a boxer puppy dog cost?

Purchasing a boxer pup can cost between $500 – $2500, depending on where you purchase from and the dog’s pedigree. Boxers obtained from animal shelters can cost as little as $50 – $200. On average, it costs between $600 – $1800 per year to feed and care for a boxer.

Where can I get a boxer puppy?

The easiest way to adopt a Boxer would be through a rescue that specializes in Boxers. A great place to start would be by starting a breed search on The search will show you all the available Boxers in your area.

How much is a mini boxer puppy?

Cost of a Miniature Boxer Puppy Because these dogs are not popular yet, they can be pricey. The average cost for a Miniature Boxer puppy is between $450 and $2,000.

How much do AKC Boxer puppies cost?

The puppy’s adoption fee ranges from $2,000 to $2,800. The fee is inclusive of the first vaccine series, AKC registration papers, veterinarian check, and microchip and chip registration. Shipping options are per discussion with the breeder. The average wait time is 6 months before you will receive a Boxer puppy.

Should I buy a boxer puppy?

Temperament: Boxers have a fun-loving, smart, and loyal personality. Their patient temperament makes them an especially popular choice for families, with the bonus that these pups desire lots of human affection, especially from children. Training: It is important to start training your boxer as a puppy.

Where to get boxer puppies?

The best way to find Boxer puppies in your area is to contact a reputable breeder. You can do so by going to the AKC (American Kennel Club) and click on the breed (Boxer) and this will lead you to breeders in the New England area.

What is a good name for a male boxer puppy?

Beau: The French word for “handsome”, Beau is a popular male choice which signifies that your pup is good-looking. He is sure to be the talk on the street among the girls. *More great choices: Handsome, Dog Juan, Brad. Bowser: This is a classic male Boxer dog name that is suitable for a strong male dog.

What are boxer puppies?

The Boxer is an energetic dog that has a friendly, playful personality and makes a great family pet. Here are a few more things to know about Boxer puppies: Dogs with flat faces are prone to overheating and overexertion. Here’s what you need to know as well as some safe ways to exercise flat-faced dogs: