How much backlash should a differential have?

How much backlash should a differential have?

Keep the backlash variation under 0.005″ if possible. In a perfect world no variation would be the goal. However, even with a straight case the backlash can vary 0.005″ without any negative consequences, so this is an area where each assembler will have to decide how much they are willing to allow.

How do you measure backlash on ring and pinion?

Turn the adjustment knob on the side of the dial indicator gauge until the gauge needle points to the “0” setting. Rock the ring gear back and forth with your hand while monitoring the gauge needle. The distance indicated on the gauge is the gear backlash.

How do I lower my ring gear backlash?

If using shims: Adding shims on the ring-gear’s smooth side of the carrier moves the ring-gear closer to the pinion, causing the teeth to mesh tighter, decreasing the amount the backlash. Adding shims on the other side moves the ring-gear teeth away from the pinion, increasing backlash.

How do you reduce backlash in gears?

The simplest and most common way to reduce backlash in a pair of gears is to shorten the distance between their centers. This moves the gears into a tighter mesh with low or even zero clearance between teeth. It eliminates the effect of variations in center distance, tooth dimensions, and bearing eccentricities.

Does pinion depth affect backlash?

Decreasing pinion depth also increases backlash and moves the drive pattern slightly towards the heel, and the coast pattern slightly towards the toe. Increasing pinion depth will also increase pinion-bearing preload unless the outer pinion shims are adjusted.

What does it mean to set ring and pinion backlash?

Once you have installed and set the proper pinion gear depth with either a pinion depth gauge or by the pattern revealed when using a gear marking compound, it’s time to address backlash. Ring and pinion backlash refers to the amount of play between the gears.

How is backlash measured on a pinion motor?

Backlash is measured by mounting a dial indicator to the housing with the plunger set per pendicular to the ring gear teeth. While holding the pinion yoke steady, rotate the ring gear back and forth. Backlash will generally change about .007 in. for each .010 in. the carrier is moved.

How to set up ring and pinion gear?

Ring and Pinion Gear Set Up To install your ring and pinion gears and/or differential correctly, it is critical to torque your bolts and set your preload and backlash correctly. The following table contains the proper specifications for all popular axles.

What are the torque and backlash specs for Ring?

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