How Meteor score is calculated?

How Meteor score is calculated?

Meteor evaluates a translation by computing a score based on explicit word-to-word matches be- tween the translation and a given reference trans- lation. An alignment is mapping between words, such that ev- ery word in each string maps to at most one word in the other string.

How do you evaluate machine translation quality?

The measure of evaluation for metrics is correlation with human judgment. This is generally done at two levels, at the sentence level, where scores are calculated by the metric for a set of translated sentences, and then correlated against human judgment for the same sentences.

How does Meteor metric work?

About. The Meteor automatic evaluation metric scores machine translation hypotheses by aligning them to one or more reference translations. Alignments are based on exact, stem, synonym, and paraphrase matches between words and phrases.

How is Bleu calculated?

Scores are calculated for individual translated segments—generally sentences—by comparing them with a set of good quality reference translations. Those scores are then averaged over the whole corpus to reach an estimate of the translation’s overall quality.

What is Meteor score?

METEOR (Metric for Evaluation of Translation with Explicit ORdering) is a metric for the evaluation of machine translation output. The metric is based on the harmonic mean of unigram precision and recall, with recall weighted higher than precision.

What is the success of machine translation?

Machine translation can be more useful and efficient (and much more correct) if some basic requirements are met, both before and after translation. Greetings in several languages. Texts with lots of cultural references are difficult to translate for humans.

What factors of machine translation can involve?

These factors include the intended use of the translation, the nature of the machine translation software, and the nature of the translation process. Different programs may work well for different purposes.

What is Meteor in machine learning?

Should BLEU score be high or low?


BLEU Score Interpretation
30 – 40 Understandable to good translations
40 – 50 High quality translations
50 – 60 Very high quality, adequate, and fluent translations
> 60 Quality often better than human

Why is BLEU scored?

Very simply stated, BLEU is a quality metric score for MT systems that attempts to measure the correspondence between a machine translation output and a human translation. The central idea behind BLEU is that the closer a machine translation is to a professional human translation, the better it is.

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