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How many public defenders are there in Colorado?

How many public defenders are there in Colorado?

488 public defenders
Your time is valuable, as you oversee 488 public defenders in 21 regional trial offices throughout the state.

How do you qualify for a public defender in Colorado?

Colorado courts use a simple formula to determine whether a defendant is entitled to a Colorado public defender. First, they assign point values to a defendant’s income, expenses, assets, and severity of the charges. If the total number of points add up to at least 150, the defendant gets a public defender.

What is the income limit for a public defender in Colorado?

The gross income of all members of your household is the starting point for Public Defender qualification. The monthly income limit for a household of one is $1197. A household of 2 is $1616 and a household of four is $2453.

How do I get a public defender before a court date?

In Criminal Cases If you have not bonded out, the court will automatically appoint a public defender for you at your first court date, called your arraignment. If you have bonded out and wish to be represented by a public defender, you must fill out an application and present it to the judge at your next court date.

Why you shouldn’t use a public defender?

Public defenders have to handle a large amount of criminal defense cases, leaving them overworked and unable to devote too much time to one particular case. This means your public defender might not have any of your case information in front of them when you meet before your court date.

Who pays a public defender?

The government pays for public defenders, just as it does for judges, prosecutors, police, and court personnel (although sometimes from different government-funding streams, like city, county, or state government). As a result, defendants sometimes fear that a public defender will be in the same camp, loyalty-wise, and won’t be “on my side.”

What is the job description of a public defender?

A public defender’s job includes ensuring all communications with his client remain private. He must uphold ethical duties of loyalty and confidentiality to his client throughout all legal representation.

How do I get a public defender?

Requesting A Public Defender Attend the first hearing. Request a public defender. Know the difference between a panel attorney and a public defender. Work with your attorney. Report any changes in your economic status. Change attorneys if necessary.

How do you apply for a public defender?

To apply for a public defender you may: Request a public defender at your arraignment (your very first court appearance); Go to walk-in court and ask the Judge for a Public Defender; Request a Public Defender any time you are in Court and believe you need representation.